Saturday, 25 January 2020

Project 366 week 4

Not sure where this week has gone but gone it has. Have managed to add to my mileage everyday with my exercise bike as well as walking. As well as doing various exercises with my ab machine.


Was waiting for a delivery, a late Christmas present from a friend. Was due in the afternoon so we decided to go out for a walk in the morning. Decided to head to Troon as not been there for a while. Did a chilly mile along the beach then back to the car and went and did another mile along the cycle path. Home for the delivery. The sunset was lovely here tonight watching it changed colour.

nothing to line it up with. 


We went into town, I went and visited a friend and hubby went to friends house to pick up the few bits and pieces of ours that was still in friends house as he is moving up north to live with his mum.
Nipped into town after tea to pick up the few bits we had left in friends stairway before somebody else snaffled them. Did a walk along the river and treated ourselves to a mince pie supper as after 8pm the chip shop does suppers for the price of singles, so had  a treat and change out of a fiver.

The name of this Indian restaurant always makes me wonder from where the name comes from.

the name makes me chuckle


Went and helped an elderly friend who was having trouble setting up a new phone. Then went for a walk.

dog on a log


Spent quite a bit of the morning doing housework. Not sure how we get so messy with just two adults in the house. Stuck  prime music on the tv while I was working away.
The lyrics were about three songs behind, just as well I did not want it for karaoke.

A walk round the park later in the after noon.

Susan Boyle.
Some Susan Boyle to work to. 


Had a GP appointment this morning to discuss a few things and run a few ideas past her. Hubby had to wait in as friend was down with his mum for a meeting and we had his prescription he needed to pick up.
Then parked the car a mile away from the shops and walked into town to potter round the shops, first time I have had time to potter by myself in a long time. Spent less than £3. Then walked back to the car, all added to my mileage for the week.

Popped into Morrison's as had run out of dog food. Spotted some Soya ice cream while I was in there. Name brand soya ice cream normally costs about £3.50 for a 500ml tub, this stuff is only 80p and it is lovely.

dairy free ice cream
very reasonably prices dairy free ice cream


Got a phone call yesterday afternoon to say the car would be with us mid morning today. Not sure what time their morning starts but they were here at 5 past 8 this morning. Luckily I was up, have not been many mornings in the last few months as just got lazy and out of any any routine with not needing to get up in a morning.

So transferred everything from the courtesy car back into ours, gave their car a quick hoover and a wipe round with some baby wipes, to move a few dog paw prints off the door  inside the car, we had put the dog cover on the back seats of the car anyway so the seats were still clean, and took it back to them.

Our car has been sitting for weeks so wanted to take it for a good run to make sure the battery was well charged.

Took a run down to Ardeer beach, home to the only 'official' naturist beach on the south west Scottish mainland, in the warmer weather than today. We found a "matching " pair of left footed yellow wellies and a fisherman's outfit, sadly not both at the same area of the beach.

Went down to watch the kids while DD1 took Bob to gymnastics.

Minky loves his Lego and today's chosen game was build with Lego bricks. He did much better than I did. I much prefer Spuds choice of games, usually come in a box and I can manage them. 

Minky's designs 


In to do the cheap shopping, pick up hubby's prescription from the chemist and walk the dog. We did 2.3 miles as dog sniffs along at a rate of approx 1.5 miles an hour. 
You can read my post here about  the Food membership club which is where I get what I call my cheap shopping. 

10:10 Trust.
not a bad haul for £3.50, also got bread and vegetables as well. 

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  1. Shops like your cheap place are so needed and a great idea nowadays. So many people use them to top up. Great restaurant name, and I'm impressed with the lego designs

  2. That sunset is so pretty!
    That is a great bargain from the chip shop. It's nice when you can get a cheap treat. With the takeaway sign I am imagining that 3 people went into the Indian restaurant business and they had no idea what they were doing so they called themselves 3idiots. hehehe
    That is a good idea parking away from the shops to get a bit of walking in.
    That was early to get the car back. It sounds like you had a good run out.
    I love the look of your shopping bargains. £3.50 is amazing considering I know the Innocent drinks costs at least £2, the cheese £2 and the PEK at least £1!

  3. So glad to read that you are getting out and walking so much now. It must be lovely to have that freedom again. You will miss your friend - you both seem to spend a lot of time with him. That is a very strange name for a restaurant! What a great cheap shopping haul. I love those Clif Bars - they cost about £2 each!

  4. What a lovely sunset! You must be glad to have the car back and it's good that you are getting out and exercising more now.

  5. I posted a very similar photo to your sunset this week, except mine was sunrise instead ! Love the idea of your cheap shopping - there's nothing like that here really. They have the "restos du coeur" (restaurants of the heart) where they give out stuff that people have bought and handed in at collection points in supermarkets, pr that supermarkets are starting to donate to. Nowhere you get to choose stuff though, so that's great :)

  6. Beautiful sunset! And a very decent haul for £3.50. The cheap shopping is a great idea, don't know if we have one locally. What a funny name for the restaurant. Love Minky's Lego designs.

  7. That sunset is absolutely gorgeous and the name of the Indian restaurant made me giggle - there's got to be a story behind that one! Glad that you've got the car back - not sure I'd call 5 past 8 mid-morning either! #project366

  8. Love the restaurant name, wonder where they got it from? The food membership club sounds a wonderful idea, I imagine without it it could push a lot of people towards the food banks. Glad you've got your car back. When we hire cars it's always pointed out to us, no smoking and no pets

  9. Love that Indian restaurant name, clearly there must be a great story behind it. Glad your car is back, fingers crossed all is now well with it #366

  10. I do love the sunset photos and it has been nice recently. I do love the restaurant name, such a great idea. Glad you got your car back too xx

  11. I will definitely look for that soya ice cream, can't believe it is such a bargain! I am hankering after a mooch around the shops (child free) but work has been crazy. Mystified by the restaurant name... #project366

  12. I can see why the name of the restaurant entertains you. I wonder if it is good for business and draws people in? Glad to hear you have the car back. The sunset is gorgeous x

  13. Great work on the exercise. The sun does look lovely. Hahahaaaha, the name is from a very funny and famous Indian film called 3 idiots!I wonder how soya ice cream tastes like.
    Good haul

  14. Gorgeous sunset!

    Had to laugh at the name of the restaurant. As Andale says its the name of a film but surprising they would call a restaurant that!

    Glad you have the car back!

    80p for the ice cream is a bargain! Might have to give it a try

  15. That cheap shopping place sounds really good, and so helpful. I am laughing at the Indian restaurant name :) #project365


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