Sunday 16 February 2020

Project 366 week 7


I have had itchy eyes and been sneezing like Sneezy this last two weeks or so, convinced it is allergy related, but seems a bit early for tree pollen.
So got some eyes drops and something to stop the sneezes.

We have got winds, nothing much worse than a normally February on the coast,  but nothing like what was predicted and it did not start raining till 5pm.

allergies are a pain 


Another day that was not as bad as predicted weather wise. A lazy day on the fitbit, a mere 6349 steps, probably one of the laziest days this year.
DD2 bought me this as part of my birthday last year, so it was appropriate this week.

knitting badly but knitting none the less 


A bit of early morning babysitting as DD1 needed to get Bob to the GP and the clinic in the village is only open two hours two days a week,so many appointments (if you can get one at all)  are in the next village. Rather than trailing the three wee ones and the two she was watching for a friend while the schools had an in service training day I went down to watch them.
They were playing hide and seek, nine times out of ten they all piled behind the couch. Lottie is counting, and the wee boy (H) is one of the extra ones. Was quite funny as H would run over to them where they were hidden and point and laugh.

playing hide and seek, Dinkies turn to count 

DD2 turned up in the afternoon with the two girls to stay for a few days.


A First Aid Training Day with Active Travel hub, another part to the cycle volunteering. Not that I have done any cycling with them for four or five months now. An interesting course, thinking has  changed since I last did a course probably twenty years ago when I was a volunteer creche worker as well as a playgroup leader, makes me feel old to think that far back. This was based round being outdoors for when we are out with groups of people.

the system we were working with. 


DD1's birthday so having made her cake yesterday I got to Ziggy to decorated it. It was decorated in a very typical toddler fashion. She put the parma violets on top shoving them in quite hard, getting butter icing on her finger, licking it off her finger and then putting on the next one. I put the butter icing on the back of the Jaffa cakes and she stuck them round the outside. Sadly I got distracted by a phone call and forgot to get a picture of her with the cake.

concentrating on spreading the butter icing. 

blows out her candles after a rendition of  Happy Birthday and three cheers, 


Have been knitting a second cardigan for Roo, did a normal one in five sections instead of the top down all in ones I have been doing for ages now. Was annoying myself as picking up the top and knitting the rib and it kept going wrong somehow, no idea why as it is simple, but it kept going wrong. So I ripped it out twice and gave up. Tried again this morning and managed it, and then realised I had put the two fronts on the wrong sides, so it is sitting here waiting on being ripped out again and hopefully it goes right the next time.

DD1 had an appointment for herself so I took Ziggy down with me to play with Spud while DD2 did the packing and loaded her car. It was peeing down time I was walking up. Left Ziggy there got her mum to pick up on the way out of the village so she did not get soaked.

DD3 and Fifi did some clothes tie dyeing a few weeks back and made a couple of babygros for Roo.
She is getting big and moves around by bum shuffling, quite comical to watch as she zooms off at a high speed this seems her preferred method of moving, making no attempt to crawl but no need to as she manages to move around fine this way.

Nipped into town to walk the dog somewhere dry and drop something off with a friend.

is'nt she beautiful 


We never do Valentines day but hubby bought this for me for some reason, not that I am complaining.

a lovely 3D picture made with pebbles and a stick. 

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  1. I thought I had hayfever at the start of the week but it turns out it just took it's time to turn into a cold.
    I love that cup. What fun!
    It sounds like you had fun with the grandkids. What a cute helper you had with making the cake. Happy birthday to your daughter.
    Aww! That was a sweet gift from your hubby. x

  2. That cake's pretty good. My youngest nephew was a bum shuffler - he used to be so fast.

  3. Do you have catkins in the neighbourhood? They can cause hay fever. Hope the meds help with the sneezing. I chuckled reading about hide and seek game, and Eddie asked me why I was laughing, so I told him, we both had a giggle about it. Happy belated birthday to your DD! the cake looks tasty and prettily-decorated. Roo is beautiful indeed.

  4. That cup is such fun. I hope you feel better and it's not a cold. That cake looks so good. Glad you had fun with the Grandkids. Such a cute little helper xxx

  5. Love the tie-dye Babygro - looks really cool ! Fun picture of the littlies playing hide and seek too ! Great idea putting Jaffa cakes around a cake - might have to try that myself ! :)

  6. Glad that the storm wasn’t as bad as predicted for you. We seemed to have got off fairly lightly where we are too. Love that mug. I can imagine trying to get a GP appointment must be a challenge especially with those clinic times in your village. Love the photo of Ziggy helping to decorate DD1’s cake. Love the tie-dye babygro. Making the cardigan sounds frustrating – hope that next time it goes right. #project366

  7. That's a cute valentines picture. Love our cake decorating helper - look at that concentration #366

  8. Loving that tie dye babygrow! So cool!

    Hubby has been sneezing a bit too but thankfully not as bad as he normally gets...think thats yet to come.

    That cup is perfect for you!

    Happy birthday to your DD!

  9. Uncontrollable sneezes are extremely annoying. I love the mug. Hahaha cute way to spoil a hide-and-seek game. It's good to be taught First Aid during your cycling. Cute Ziggy. That's a cute Valentine gift.

  10. Love the cup and it made me laugh with H pointing out where the others were hiding. Love the baby grow

  11. I hope your allergies are under control now with the medication. Lovely Valentine's gift, lucky you getting a surprise! #projecct366


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