Sunday 2 February 2020

#walk1000miles Month 1

We really do live in a nice area, west coast of Scotland, miles of beaches, dozens of parks and beautiful countryside so  I am going to share some of the sights, things that tickle my imagination and the seasons as they change.

Some of the pictures are not overly clear as some are well zoomed in and all took on my phone.

Month one and I managed 143.56 miles. Enjoy your look along the coast

lights on the river

patterns on the beach

wood texture

Old Christmas trees being stacked to protect the wall and create a natural habitat in years to come

A row of windsurfers


wind surfer and a sea boarder with a sail

Sea breeze to dry your washing?

25 by 16 ft

 Ship wreck

2 left wellies

Man overboard

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  1. Wow what an incredible collection of photos. The are amazing. Love so many of them and well done xx


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