Saturday 29 February 2020

Project 366 week 9

A week of banging my head on a brick wall with sky. Apparently my contract is up and my price has jumped by nearly 50%. So I tried to get hold of them on the phone, lines are busy you will be approx anything from 20  mins to 70 mins to hang on the phone to get to the front of the queue. Tried looking at their home page at the deals and offers but came up with a can't process your request error every time you click it. Tried live chat but every time you got a green light to chat by the time I got my name in and why I wanted to chat the light had gone back to red and I never got through their either. Tried pm's on twitter and facebook but every link they gave me either timed out, was down, was not available etc Eventually on Friday I got the price back down to lower than it had been for a better service. I was on for 6 hrs on Thursday but was obvious the chat person their end was talking to a number of people as was often taking half an hour or more between questions and answers. He finished at 8pm on Thursday and still no answer. Every suggestion I made ( low price for new customers but not existing) and a few others just got an excuse as to why I could not have it. So the last message I left him was what I could get it for at BT, and asked for that to be matched and if it could not be then he was to take the last message as my months notice to leave and go to BT. No hassle no quibble no more discussion. He restarted at 9am Friday and by half past price sorted, don't know why they are so flipping awkward when they always give in anyway.

We have worked our way through The Outsider on Sky and have to say I really did not understand what was happening and still don't even though it has finished. 


Still off on Sundays and spotted an ad for somebody selling dirt cheap a microwave/grill/oven combo with a stainless steel interior locally so we went and picked it up as ours has a white painted interior with paint peeling off, hubby has painted it a few times, but we could not afford a new one. Turns out the young couple selling it had bought it from a charity shop but they could not work the oven bit so were selling it. They had just come from South Africa less than a month ago so we knew thay had not had it long and it hd been PAT tested.

We went for just over a 3 mile walk while it was cold but dry.

a bright patch in between the falling rain


A run up to Glasgow to get the nerve conduction tests done. There was a weather warning in place for heavy snow for that area from 6am to lunch time So I popped my wellies, a flask, some water and a few snacks as well as an extra jacket and my kindle in just in case O got stuck in snow.

But got up and back no problem. Tests took slightly over an hour as he did a few extra tests not asked for from the history I was giving him. I had a 15 min appointment so would not have liked being the person in after me. Various electric pulse tests both my hands, both my arms and knees to toes as well. Some of the tests were done with fine needles others just like a TRNS machine.

Told me I had carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists, But he said the results of the other tests took longer to interpret  and he hoped to get them back to the Consultant in a week. So just need to wait on an appointment from him hopefully soon.

While I was up there I took the prem baby clothes into the maternity unit as they had had a shout out on Facebook looking for stuff.

Hubby went in the evening to help DD1 pick up a low cabin bed for Spud as she has out grow her toddler bed and it is past its best. Sadly it was not dismantled ready so needing to go back for it. I cycled on my exercise bike while he was out.

one of the Our Wullie's at the hospital 


There are renovations going on to the wall at the graveyard in the village. They have made the main road in/out of the village single lane with diversions in place, that at times is closed both ways while the do stuff requiring bigger pieces of machinery in.

Had my appointment with the Skills Agency and she gave me a few ideas on other jobs that I had not considered, including a few places I could pick up office skills as a volunteer.  But not going down any route just yet until I get the rest of my test results.

Hubby went back with DD1 to get the disassembled bed. Dog and I went for a walk round the village while he was out. Just made it back before the snow and sleet restarted.

digging out wall and tree roots 


Had spoken to the young couple we bought the microwave from and arranged  to drop them some toys off as they only had a few for their 1 yr old daughter. Took some of the spare ones out the loft that probably will never be used by us again, we have plenty down, and dropped them off. They were very grateful for them. I was in the town for my cheap shopping anyway. I have done plenty of taking this last few months, so this is me paying forward the kindness I have had lately.

DD1 got Spuds new bed assembled so now has all single beds so the sheets, quilt and covers from the cot bed are no longer needed.

Bob and I went to bingo again in the afternoon, DD1 had somewhere else to be. I won 3 prizes and Bob won none. I chose another three items that will put by for Christmas.

this weeks prizes. 


Hubby had a GP appointment and got bloods taken while he was there.

Took the dog for a short walk while it was  bitterly cold but dry, as we had shopping to do.
 So as it was still dry hubby took dog to the beach for her second walk while I shopped. I picked up a meal deal between us while shopping so we went back down the beach to eat it. Took the dog another walk but you could see the rain coming in and the wind picked up very strongly in less than 10 minutes. Blooming freezing and wild wind by the time we returned to the car.

Watch the rain blowing over the wall and wetting us at the top of the hill.


Had another meeting with line manager, HR and unison now I am back at work to agree on a plan for the next year. All sounds very fair to me. But it obviously going to depend on my results. So made another appointment with Occ Health and they are emailing the physio for me to get me any other appointment and see what support they may be able to help.

DD1 dropped off the bedding and my carpet shampooer she has had for about 4 months, not that I have needed it.  I gave half of the bedding to next door and the other half I am going to pop along to the S.A. couple who said they would be grateful. Waste not want not.

Dropped the covers into next door and when I told her what I was doing with the rest she handed me a bag of clothes that are too small for her wee one, so will drop them off tomorrow with the bedding. Nice to help people that need help.

Had to laugh at a news item that was on this morning, maybe the reason why my ISP is busy and not answering phones all week!!

a random sign in the area a volcano had erupted.


Got hubby to bring down the box from the loft with my certificate showing my University Degree pass. Lots of memories in the box, will share some of them with you in the near future.

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  1. Ugh! It sounds so frustrating the dealings you've had with Sky. They do like to make you jump through hoops to get what you want.
    Well done with the microwave.
    It sounds like the tests went well. I hope your next appointment goes well.
    That is so lovely of you to give the toys to the microwave couple.
    Wow! You are brave doing that walk on the sea front. It looks bitterly cold despite the man in shorts jogging the other way. lol x

  2. Brrr wild, wet and windy weather - I'm looking forward to the warmer days now. Well done for dealing with Sky, always a pain. Nice to pass on the clothes and bedding to the couple - always good to pay it forward. :)

  3. What a nightmare having to deal with sky. That is fab about the microwave. I hope the tests went well and good luck with your next appointment. The weather has been so changeable and cold, here's hoping it improves xx

  4. How annoying about Sky! I dread when mine renews. I'll be glad to see the back of the storms. Sounds like you had a thorough check up - hope it turns out to be something easily treatable.

  5. How lovely to pass on the toys, clothes and bedding - we've had a lot of clothes passed on to us for Thomas and it is so nice when people are kind like that. I've now passed on a lot of the girls' clothes to my nephew and his girlfriend for their two so I'm paying it forward too. Glad you managed to get a deal in the end with Sky - how frustrating that you had such a hassle to get it though. Made me smile to see the Oor Wullie outside the hospital - we had fun looking for these in Glasgow when we were in Scotland in the summer. Didn't spot that one though! #project366

  6. It sounds like an eventful week. Sky sounds very frustrating! How nice to be able to help out the young couple and their child. I hope you get some useful results from your tests.

  7. Lovely that you are able to help someone else with things that are no longer needed. What a fuss with Sky. #366

  8. I just cancelled my contract with Sky, so glad as their broadband was shocking. Glad you finally managed to get through and got a good price!

    How lovely of you to give some toys to the young couple, kindness and passing it forward seems not that common these days!

    Glad you are finally managing to get tests done and hope you get the results soon and they are good.

  9. That's quite a hectic day. That's a lovely coastline. Ohh I've learnt about Carpel tunnel syndrome, did they tell you how to manage it? That statue is in front of the hospital? We've had quite alot of rain here as well.

  10. I look forward to delving into that box of keep sakes with you, sounds fun. how lovely to give something back and help the couple out from SA. Work sound like they're being very supportive, sorry to hear about the carpel tunnel syndrome, fingers crossed for the rest of the results

  11. Hope you found lots of happy memories in that box! I loved seeing the Our Wullie statues on our holiday last year #project366


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