Sunday, 15 March 2020

Project 366 week 11

Have watched two series of Hinterland this week, pretty much a Welsh Shetland but a good watch. Started watching Ray Donovan on Friday night, not so sure just yet but will give it a few more episodes.
Hay fever is doing my head in, sneezing none stop, a very runny nose and itchy eyes, none of my usual ideas are working. Plus a cough as my asthma does not seem to be well controlled, but guess it is linked to the allergies that are going on. Must of had a good twenty years before last year hay fever free no idea why it decided to come back.


I am fed up of never having a day in the house, so I decided I was going nowhere today. It was not a lazy day as such, still managed over 5 miles thanks to the exercise bike. Did some sewing, did some tidying and  hung the washing out for the first time this year,  unwrapped it from round the line a dozen times  but it only needed ten mins in the tumble dryer to air it off so was worth it.


Another uneventful day. Some walking, cycling, some knitting but not a lot else.

One walk was round a localish park. They had set up a number trail and each number had an item on the back of it that you need to find. Saw three groups of nursery age children walking round the trail.


Getting fed up of one half of my strap on my fitbit coming off. Seems to be fine when wearing it but falls off when I take it off. They agreed to send me a new one out, this is a known problem with the Charge 2.

Hubby had spotted an advert for somebody locally with red chip stones to pick up for free, he has a use for them in the garden, so we went and picked up half a dozen bags.


Had an appointment with Occ Health at work today just to get things on paper with them.
I then headed to the doctor, but turns out my appointment is not until next week...numpty that I am.
So I decided to go for a walk to kill time as the cheap food shop is open on a Wednesday.

Lots and lots of veg today so hubby peeled a huge pile of carrots and a butternut squash, a pile of onions and potatoes for tea. I sliced them in the food processor. While the oven was on for tea I roasted the butternut squash with some peppers and onions, boiled a cabbage as well.
Most of the carrots and onions went into the freezer to make them easier to use when I need them.


Made a pot of carrot, butternut squash and lentil soup with the veg I roasted last night.
Also made a fruit crumble to use up some of the bananas I pick up yesterday. Was going to make banana loaf as well but realised I had no sugar.

The remains of the vegetables from last night made a reheated stir fry with some ready cooked chicken from the freezer as well.

Dixie dog and I went for a walk round the fishery, thought it would make a change from round the street on her lead, she has to stay on the lead down there as well but  a change of diet. Far to cold to remove gloves for taking pictures, nothing new down there anyway. Had three layers on as well as a hat and my hood up as well as waterproof trousers in case it rained as they doubled as a windproof layer. Was baltic out.

Was rather frosty first thing, this is the rising sun shining across the windscreen of the car.


Went to get a few bits and pieces at the supermarket, mainly dairy free milk and yoghurts that I could  not get earlier in the week.

Came home and started mince and tatties with veg in a pan and then transferred them to the slow cooker  for tomorrow night's tea. Made the banana and sultana loaf  mix and left it just needing the flour added.

Dropped Bob at gymnastics as the three wee ones are starting karate tonight so DD1 had to take them to enrol them. Once we had dropped him off we went and took the dog for a run round at the country  estate again. The Hansel and Gretel house area now has a barbecue pit, a rope swing, a pin ball slide and a kitchen area.

Home to add the flour to the loaf mix and cooked them. Had the rest of yesterdays soup for tea with cake and custard afterwards,


A quick busy day at work, just the way I like them.
Home to finish off the last bit of a poncho ( well the knitting pattern calls itself a poncho not so sure that is what I would call it) for Ziggy. Got a few bits to send to Roo as a rather late birthday present but as they are now very late felt it was wrong not to send Ziggy something as well. But it is a lovely thick item that will be handy for outdoor nursery through the Spring and chilly Summer days. Had some wool left so made her the matching hat. It is actually three balls of different wool knitted together and matches Roo's poncho.

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  1. It looks cold up your way, judging by the ice on the windscreen. Don't blame you for wrapping up warm ! Great to prepare all the veg in advance - school is now closed for a fortnight so I'm looking forward to getting back into cooking on a daily basis. Love your knitting - well done !

    1. it has been rather chilly some days here.
      preparing the veg means it freezes and does not waste.
      enjoy your 2 weeks off school.

  2. Oh no! Hay fever. Every year I foget about it and then it hits me. So far I've been OK.
    It is good to get the washing out on the line. I've had it out a few times over the past few weeks.
    I love the sound of the soup and the fruit crumble. Yum yum! x

    1. kids are suppose to develop hayfever, not adults growing back into it

  3. You talking of baking a banana loaf made me want a slice now. It looks like you had a proper frost. We did have colder days, but also very wet. The poncho is very cute, though I had a different shape in mind for a poncho (I had one as a child too).

    1. Not the shape I would call a poncho either to be honest but will keep her warm regardless.

  4. I like Hinterland too (not quite as good as Shetland, but it's an area of Wales that I know a little which is nice). Sounds like you have been a domestic goddess this week.

    1. agree it is not as god as Shetland. Some of the roads look hideous to drive on, many look single track with few passing places.

  5. That looks very frosty, we've really only had a few days of scraping cars this year. Well done with all that veg #366

    1. we have had very few days of scraping the car as well, most of the time time we need to use the car has defrosted itself.

  6. Sunday sounds like it was a very productive day. Love the frost patterns on the windscreen - we've not had many days when it's been that cold this winter. Hope the little ones enjoyed their karate session and I love Ziggy's poncho. #project366

  7. I hope the allergy phase goes away. You've kept yourseldbusy in your uneventful days. Thats an interestinf vegetable mix.

  8. Whoops to the doctors appointment timing, a lovely lot of veg you have there and great idea to prepare and freeze it. Hope the kids enjoyed their karate session

  9. Oh wow you did have a frosty morning. We hardly have had any frost. Sorry your hayfever is so bad. Hubby had a few weeks where it seemed like it was coming and going to get worse but he seems to have escaped the brunt of it so far.

    Sometimes you just need a day at home!

  10. It has been such a mild winter and now spring seems to be here! I thought I would get so much done at home when I finished work last Friday but it has been manic entertaining the kids! #project366


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