Saturday, 31 December 2011

Castello cheese review

the four cheeses we bought with our vouchers.
I got a wonderful tweet from Castello a few weeks back wanting to know if I wanted to firstly give a new home to a castello slate cheese board, and secondly to sample their cheeses.

Well how could I possibly say no to such a generous offer? So I said yes, and I'm very glad I did.

Now whilst I am not a huge cheese eater being lactose intolerant my husbands second passion in this world is cheese, wont tell you what his first after 18 yrs its not me so put your smutty minds back in the gutter

The slate cheese board and marker (to write on board)
Must admit I have never bought soft cheeses before, oh is into harder or crumbly cheeses and has his favourites that I buy him just for eating and others I buy for using in meals.

But both of us were well impressed with the soft creamy white cheese, it was a mild creamy cheese that went nice with oat cakes and peach slices. You are told that you can eat the soft white rind but it did not appeal to me though oh did eat it.

We also had the black pepper halo, which is the same creamy cheese but with a coating of peppercorn, oh said this one was to die for, and was really nice with meat and potatoes as well as on a cheeseboard. Was too much for me, the peppercorns in my opinion were just too much, but then Im not a pepper lover.

Next up we had a blue soft creamy cheese , this did not appeal to me at all and I did not even try it, and oh just took one small piece and did not like it, it was in his opinion harsh and bitter, but a friend of mine loves it so she willingly gave it a new home. It is your typical blue veined mouldy cheese, now while I appreciate all cheese is a mould I don't like my cheese to remind me of that (bit like yoghurt really).

Lastly  we had more what I would buy as cheese a harder one, Reserve Herrgard now the picture they have up you would think the cheese was an edam type, but no it is a hard cheddar type, and ours had no holes in what so ever,  but very very pleasant it was too. The first taste that hits you with this one is salty, you then get through a nutty flavour. It is a very medium cheese with a pleasant after taste. I have used this with oat cakes so as not to swamp its flavour, and last night I had some cut into tiny little cubes with peach and raisins. Must admit if on the future I am buying cheese to eat I would go for this one again. Havent tried this as toasted cheese yet but seems to nice to waste melting it on top of bread.

  I was provided with these products for free as they are promoting themselves, the findings are my honest thoughts and I did this blog post as I wanted to and was not part of the deal.

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