Sunday, 18 December 2011

GOSH share Disney memories appeal

I saw this earlier on over on Loquax, it was originally posted in back in September but is still very current and running.

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is trying to raise £1million with the help of us the general public, but at no cost to us the general public. This event is being sponsored by Disney, and it is very very simple all you have to do is share YOUR favourite Disney memory with the rest of us.

Disney are donating £1 for every memory that people share, so looking for 1 million people to share their first/best memories of Disney. But for the month of December they will donate £10 for each memory. So come on why would you not want to click a link and write a sentence, not a bad rate of reward for a minute of your time.

Now come on we can all think of something, it literally only needs to be 1 sentence, but feel free to do what I am doing and write a blog post and tell the whole world about it. I did a google search looking for information on this appeal and came up with lots written when it was first launched but nothing more recent that that.

 Peter Andre has got involved and he went along and visited the hospital. met with staff and patients and this article here tells you more about this wonderful need for fund raising.

You can share your memories in four different ways.
1) Share your first Disney memory at, its a simple click and a simple comment

2) email it to

3) tweet it @_DisneyMemories.

or 4)  pop over to Facebook and like the page and leave a comment here

Next I would love it if you would share your memories and circulate this to as many people as possible so we can help them towards reaching their target.

The memory I shared was literally

Bedknobs and Broomsticks has to rank up there in my all time favourite memories. MY son loooooved this film, and the rest of us would sit with tears of laughter rolling down our faces at him laughing at the football match. He would sit in fits of giggles and rewind the tape and played that bit of the film to death.

and here for you lot is that clip. come on have a laugh then help spread some Christmas cheer.


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