Tuesday, 6 December 2011

having fun with Christmas themed baking

Was looking for something different to do with Bob as regards to Christmas. Why should he not have something Christmassy like every other child going?

As I only have them for a few short hours after school I decided on Sunday that I would make the stuff for them to decorate as we dont have time to make, bake, cool and decorate in a few short hours.

So I made some biscuits, some meringues to make into snowmen and a snowscene to decorate.
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I tried two different ways with the meringue to make snowmen. I tried one as a large blob with a smaller blob on top and cooked it like that, and the others I placed into cake cases for the bodies and petit four cases for the heads. These turned out a bit angular but never the less they worked out just fine.

After they decorated the biscuits they finished off the snowmen by painting on faces and buttons with kinnerton chocolate and paint brushes.

Bobs snowmen
Fifis snowmen

The snow scene was made by spreading meringue into a loose bottomed cake tin. It makes a great centre piece for a table. With hindsight I should have made two of these and put fruit and cream in the middle, but we just served it with fruit and Alpro soya single cream that we had available.

The biscuits I cut out using a Christmas tree shape and a star shape.

First up the children melted chocolate with which the stuck on the snowmens' heads. We used kinnerton chocolate so that they could be eaten by both the children.

I then let Bob decorate his first, Fifi made him some icing and we melted some orange carob, and gave him some cake decorations and let him loose.

Once his was finished Fifi made some more icing for herself and we melted some white cooking chocolate for her to use, the white looking more like snow than the brown Bob has to use.


Here are the finished results, and very nice they looked and tasted as well.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        They loved every minute of it and a great time was had by all.
Bobs biscuits

Fifi's finished biscuits

This is a review post but the findings are my own.


  1. charlotte clavier8 December 2011 at 21:32

    Yumm the meringue snowman look great. I bet your grand kids loved making those? The biscuits are fab too. Very christmassy. U could ice them and put them on your table at christmas. Like place settings. Or make them as presents to give too people. Great ideas and a great post as usually Elaine xx

  2. That looks lovely!!! I bet the kids loved it! I love the snow men, they look fab, I have never made meringue before they scare me!! LOL!! xxx

  3. these were eggless meringues, but ordinary ones are just as easy to make with a food mixer, give it a try

  4. these look great...you are very creative and have some great ideas.
    Thanks for linking up your recipe again

  5. Loved reading your blog.Great recipe.!


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