Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Gallery week 85

This weeks theme thrown down by Tara at Sticky fingers is: Christmas of Yesteryear.

This is a chance for you to dig into your dusty old albums and air those embarrassing old photos!
It can be last Christmas, one from your childhood, one before children, one from your mum's childhood even.
me pointing at the camera probably ( a novel item back then)

Well one of the few photos I have of me as a young child just so happens to fit the these nicely. This picture was taken Christmas 1962.....way way way back, long before colour pictures became the norm.

I was 3 yrs old just 4 weeks before Christmas, and know at the time we were actually stationed in Germany and I'm sure from the doors and their handles this must have been taken there as it does not look right for my grandparents house.

My mother ( or half of her) can be seen as well.

  Really don't remember anything about it, but I have to laugh at the huge big tree in the corner....was that really what we use to call a tree? My how things have changed!

my sister and grandfather

In this picture of my big sister ( 13 months older than me) is  my paternal grandfather. Have put up both pictures just so you can see the lovely matching skirts, the beautiful hand knitted cardigans and what about the gorgeous matching hairstyles.Note the budgie cage as well

Cant really make out much of what we had as presents, but certainly not the piles and piles of things my children got and my grandchildren get, but what you see was for three of us as my big brother would have been five at the time.


  1. great, great photos. I have couldn't find any photos of my childhood xmas - especially love the bows in hair and of course, the budgie cage.

  2. Amazing photos, I really like seeing old photos like this and seeing Christmas from a real yesteryear; reminiscing about the more traditional value that I feel are sadly lacking nowadays.

  3. What gorgeous photos and memories. You look so cute. x

  4. What fantastic photos. I love that you can hardly distinguish the wrapping paper, from the curtains, from the carpet!

  5. These photos are beautiful - you and your Sister look very happy, which is how it should be at Christmas.

  6. Good to see someone else had a puny tree like ours usually was! As for the knitted tops, my wardrobe was equally home-made, I even have a photo of my brother wearing knitted shorts!!!!!

  7. Oh wow...What fabulous photos! Brilliant post!


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