Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Having fun with an advent comp win.

the 3 shapes, beautifully finished.
I was fortunate enough to win a pass the parcel prize from the Facebook Marks and Spencer advent comp that has just ended. I won a beautiful set of Decorate your own Ceramic Christmas Tree decorations as seen here. So whilst the children were here last night, we set to to have some fun with them, I decided as we are only putting up a very small fibre optic tree that they can take them home and hang them on their own tree.

the decorations included.

The pack consisted of 3 white ceramic shapes to decorate, 1 star, 1 heart and 1 Christmas tree shape, The shapes were beautifully made, lovely and smooth. To decorate them you have 6 felt shapes in red, grey and white, 15 assorted buttons, 3 wooden snowflakes, 2m twine to attach them to the tree, 3 x 60cm ribbons in pretty patterns, Glue in a nice little bottle with a small nozzle,  and a set of Instructions.The adornments were also of very high quality.

Fifi busy designing
So Fifi picked the heart shape, Bob chose the star leaving
Auntie H with the tree shape. I got them to lay out the decorations on top of the shapes before they actually glued it to make sure they were happy with the layers as there would be no going back.  They then cut the ribbon they wanted to the right size, and glued everything into place.

Bob adding his glue

 The glue dried clear so it didn't show through the holes in the buttons once it was dried,and I must admit they made a lovely job of them. Auntie Hs' was not quite so well adorned as she took what was left over.

the finished results

We were going to save them for Christmas Day as a pressie for mummy but decided they were too lovely to leave wrapped up until the 25th so Fifi wrapped them up this morning and took them home to give to Mummy and F after school today.

They are of very high quality and well worth every penny. There are a few wee pieces left that can be used by the kids in other crafting projects.

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