Sunday, 15 January 2012

My thoughts on my KODAK EASYSHARE TOUCH Camera / M5370 / Red

When I was lucky enough to win the competition on the Kodak competition with Britmums I was determined to get to know all about it and how to use it to get the best out of it, no point in having a camera that can do loads but not doing much with it, so my Kodak easyshare touch camera is being used to join in Project 366.

This camera has many many features that I am going to have to get my head round. Its very title easyshare touch allows you to share your photos automatically to the social network sites you choose to, when you plug your camera into your computer it automatically sends your pictures to your Facebook or where ever, but only if you want it too, this feature can be turned on or off.  It also has face recognition for your favourite 20 friends, you manually tag them and after a while it will automatically tag them for uploading, and in today's high speed work what a fab idea to save you having to go back and tag yourself every time

What do I like about this camera?
It has a very impressive start up time, from pressing the on button to taking your first picture is very very quick.

Like the fact I can do it all from touching the screen, one touch get up the menu, one touch gets rid of it, unlike the current camera I use which requires you to push this button or that button, and having to remember them all ( or in my case just not bothering)

Has a nice range of  Scene modes, it says you can ;
Take great shots time after time with multiple scene modes, including: portrait, sport, landscape, close-up, sunset, backlight, candlelight, children, bright, fireworks, self-portrait, night portrait, night landscape, blur reduction, high ISO, and panorama.

The high ISO does make a difference as you can see here . Have tried the panoramic  but my hands were that cold I could not hold the camera stiff enough to line the 3rd part of the picture up.

this one was taken in landscape

 landscape certainly enhances the colours, the greens look greener and more vibrant and the trees appear sharper.

Not had chance to use other modes yet, but will do eventually.

this one was taken  in smart capture

if you wish you can  edit Creative effects on screen, then save originals  as well as the edited picture.

Make your pictures even more personal and get creative with: spot colour, photo captions, background blur, borders and tints, and photo booth mode,  which I tried out here. 

The borders are fun,but was not impressed with spot colour, as it only lets you colour in a very small area, but is difficult to have much control over what you achieve. Again with the background blur you can only not blur a very oval shaped area, with again no control over the size of the none blurred area although you can choose the level of blurriness that you want.

The crop facility again gives and area you don't have a huge amount of control over, lets you shrink/enlarge area that you select but gives you no separate control over height/width separately which is annoying if you want to make say wider without more height.

Feel this sort of editing would be much better achieved on your computer.

The camera doubles as a video camera, allows you to trim and convert video into action stills up to 9 frames as well as crop, picture rotate, and apply KODAK PERFECT TOUCH for ultimate sharing. 

  •  it is so so easy to use, touch screen so easy to see what you are changing, what mode etc you are in and dead easy to change to what ever you want, 
  • sleek neat camera, fits easy into a pocket
  • has slide finger control to flick from pic to pic and if you make changes offers to keep original as well as changed pic
  • no matter what you doing written instructions appear on the screen, really is techno-ignorant proof, believe me I appreciate it.
  •  easy to see the screen even in sunlight

What am I not so keen on?

  • the battery is a KLIC-7006 battery, not your normal AA or AAAs', which means if you are out for the day you cannot nip to the local shop and buy a pack if it goes dead
  • Have worked out that if you are down the beach on a cold January day and your hands are freezing then it does not register your touches. Do find even indoors it goes not always register on the first touch either.
  • if you take a picture in portrait it displays it on your screen as a squashed one in landscape editing on screen cant really see why you would want to. 
  • The strap that is supplied does not have a slide so you can not tighten it up round your wrist, I replaced this for one that I could tighten so it does not end up dropped and broken

All in all I love this camera, such a pleasure to use, and so so simple with idiot proof instruction and every thing so visible and easy to use on screen.

This is not a sponsored post, it is just my thoughts and findings on a product that I won.

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