Saturday, 15 February 2014

An evening at Electric Glen, Rouken Glen Park

As you may well have seen in my Project 365 posting I was fortunate enough to win four tickets to the Electric Glen at Rouken Glen Park.
 Electric Glen will treat visitors to a fantastic night time experience of light, sound and performance. 

A specially designed illuminated trail will guide visitors on a magical after dark adventure, deep into the glen, over the waterfall and around the boating lake, with a host of surprises, characters from Rouken Glen’s past and interactive fun for all the family.

My tickets were allocated for 8.10 pm on Thursday evening. Unfortunately I have another engagement in Glasgow from 5-6pm that night and it was too late to come home and collect the children and take them, so the three of us that had been in Glasgow went along.

Luckily while we were there it remained dry and fairly wind free, though the heavens opened within five mins of us being back in the car, so thank fully we had gone along earlier and got round in the dry.

So we arrived and took our place in the queue, seemed to be they were letting a big group of people in every twenty minutes, as per ticket allocation times without actually checking the time on the tickets.

we were at the back of the queue so didn't have too long to wait. 

When they let us all through we were directed to somebody filling you in on some of the back ground information. This was more aimed at the children joining in with filling in the sheet we had been given, so we just wandered on. 

The walk consisted of various zones, each different. Each zone also had appropriate music playing.

a row of blue archways

various coloured lights on trees

the crowd at the top waterfall

looking down on the river from the top waterfall

I have to say the waterfall was amazing, changing colours, and the colours spread right down the river the way they had done it. It really did make you think "wow"

the top waterfall lit up red

patterns on the stairs

a pattern running up hill

the moon was out lighting up the clouds,the trees had patterns shone on them.

I did take some video footage of the changing colours on the waterfall. 

I also uploaded some other to google+ album if you want a look feel free

I have to say it made for a different night out, but I am glad I did not drive to Glasgow specially for it, and would not spend money on tickets, but for a free evening it was different. 

Never been round the park in daylight in years, last time I went I worked as a play group leader and we took all the children for their school trip. Maybe take the children over the Summer. 


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