Saturday, 22 February 2014

Project 365 - 16th- 22nd February

Well I have to say it has been a very boring week, not out and about all that much to take many interesting photos. But that is what this project is all about - my week.


The flight path to land at Prestwick crosses the road we use as well as the bypass. Here are the runway lights from nearly the bottom of the hill. They only light up when a plane is coming in to land so you don't see them on all the time.

the lights on the runway

Following on from last weeks wins. On Saturday I received a letter to say I had won an Acer Tablet in a competition. OH has been wanting a tablet for long enough, so he has claimed it as his.

OH with his, my, his tablet


Son in law has had a few shifts at work this week before the site opens up again at the end of this month for the season. He has been off since just before the twins were born. In some respects daughter is looking forward to him going back, in other ways she is not. So to save her the hassle of making tea for them she came to us instead. Fifi was away on a four day school trip so was just her Bob and the twins.

The twins are getting a bit more interesting now. I sat on the floor with Dinky for over half an hour with her smiling and chattering away. Took some video footage of them if you want to see it.

I love his (MInky's)  big eyes

If Dinky is laid on her front now she will attempt to lift her head to look around, Minky doesn't he just lies and cries.


Was making toast and cheese, not much more to say really. This was about as exciting as my week got.

just thought it looked nice


I was send Adam and Rover a while ago to do a review on. OH managed to win Whiskers, so she was sent to us as soon as she became available in the UK.

Whiskers and Rover


Look - the sun was out!!Was a cold day but dry and sunny till about 5pm anyway.

shadows of the blinds


On Tuesday OH and I went back to the opticians to pick our glasses up. My vision has changed, slightly, in the last two years, so more glasses were called for. I use one pair for reading and one pair for distance. I now have one of each in the bedroom, one in the kitchen (well ingredients on packets are very small theses days), one of each in the living room, and a few to spare. Need to find a charity that collects them for sending overseas. 

too many pairs of glasses

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  1. Nice to have a little glimpse into people's lives. Lovely.

  2. Nice to have a little glimpse into people's lives. Lovely.

  3. Cheese on toast is my absolute favourite, and I love Whiskers and Rover! #project365

  4. Yay to sunshine!! awww dinky is so cute :) and cheese on toast is fab! #project365

  5. We've also started to get a little collection of glasses from 6yo as she's been wearing them for a few years now

  6. I like Whiskers - a bit different aren't they. The twins are growing so fast #365

  7. awwww those twins are so adorable and Dinky looks so big suddenly there - maybe it is because he is sat up with his eyes open? and naughty hubby for taking ownership of your tablet!! still if it keeps him out of mischief.... :) x

    1. I know the names are very similar ( Bob and Fifi picked them) but the way I remember them is Dinky is the daughter, and Minky the man just to save confusion.

  8. Gorgeous big eyes of the twin in the photo! Lucky OH getting your tablet too.

  9. Nothing at all wrong with cheese on toast. And the twin in the picture has gorgeous eyes :)

  10. Congratulations on your win! I can't believe how big the twins are getting now, it doesn't seem 5 minutes since you posted the pictures of them as newborns!

  11. We all have more lacklustre weeks but they are still interesting to others. Yay for the sunshine at last and the cheese looks really nice and proves this project makes us look at things in a new way.
    Look forward to seeing what happens to you this week

  12. Well we can't be exciting all the time surely :) Minky is too cute!

  13. The glasses collection looks like my youngest sons! He had all sorts of shapes and colours!
    Are you another one with arms to short to read at arms length?? Hubby has that problem, I take my 'eyes' off and bring the item to my nose to read it!

  14. Well done on your win!!

    I love Rover and Whiskers!

    Sometimes it is nice to have a quiet week and just sit back and relax

  15. What a lovely win, well done :) Love a bit of cheese on toast myself #Project365

  16. That is a great win, well done you. Aw love the photo of Dinky, they are changing so quickly. I love cheese on toast, it is my comfort food

  17. Those shadows are wonderful, I love the contrast as the light shines through the blinds. We all have boring weeks but you've done well to take some good shots.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  18. Cheese on toast is the best comfort food! You can't beat the sun shining in your room, really warms you up! Great photos


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