Thursday, 12 June 2014

Moaning Menopause – 6 Frequently Asked Questions

The menopause is an inevitable part of growing older and something which women sometimes find hard to discuss. With many ways to help combat symptoms, there is no reason why your life should change at all and why discussing the menopause should be such a taboo. 

Here are six frequently asked questions answered by the ladies from intimate female health brand Balance Activ:

  • Will I experience the growth of facial hair? – Many women do not experience the additional growth of facial hair, but it can be a problem for some. It’s not something to worry about and can be removed simply. There are a number of options available to women who have increased facial hair growth, including: waxing, depilatories (liquids or creams which remove body hair) and laser hair removal. Have a think about which works best for your lifestyle and check with your doctor or a qualified beautician to decide which the best option is for you

  • Can the menopause cause a woman’s voice to change?Luckily, the majority of women do not experience a voice change during the menopause. Although, this can happen to some, as a general rule it is rare.

  • Do I still need to consider birth control? – If you and your partner are still actively having sex, then yes birth control still needs to be considered. You will know for certain you have experienced the menopause when you have not had a full period for a complete year. Up until this point, you should still use birth control when having sex to remove the risk of an unplanned pregnancy. Even after your periods you should continue to practise safe sex techniques, including the use of condoms to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections. 

  • Can I still have sex? – Yes, of course you can! Many women and their partners carry on having sex during the menopause. However, one symptom which can hinder this is vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness affects around 3 million menopausal women in the UK. It can cause a lot of everyday discomfort as well as painful intercourse. Many women find this embarrassing to talk about, but vaginal dryness is a very common factor of the menopause as it’s due to oestrogen levels decreasing. There are many ways to combat this, with many remedies on the market. Talk to your doctor and get the best solution for you and your partner. 

  • How can I treat and deal with hot flushes? – Hot flushes are probably the most talked about symptom of the menopause. A hot flush is a sudden feeling of intense heat, normally starting on the face, neck and chest. It is impossible to completely avoid hot flushes but there are ways to help prevent them. Avoid eating spicy foods, drinking alcohol to excess, drinking lots of caffeine, wearing tight clothes and getting stressed. Try deep breathing when you experience a hot flush and exercise daily to help lower your chances of experiencing hot flushes. 

  • Will I experience “night sweats? – Another common symptom are night sweats. This is when a hot flush occurs during the night and can wake the individual, causing them to sweat profusely. Although unavoidable, there are many ways to help prevent night sweats. Keeping the temperature of your bedroom at a cool level helps, as well as sleeping in breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen. Having a fan handy can also help you cool down and dry off when experiencing night sweats. 

This post was written by Hannah Wetherson from Balance Activ – a female health company who aim to educate on issues such as intimate female health, conception and menopause

I have received a sample of their Menopause Moisture Gel in return for hosting this post. 


  1. Interesting and Informative! I'm going to save this for when it's my turn! O_o lol

  2. I have every syptom u can have day dweats nyt sweats a have tryed everything that ma dr can give me .
    Am only 43 n i have going through this since i was 37

  3. I have all this to look 'forward' too, thought I'd started recently, but blood tests have proved otherwise!


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