Friday, 24 April 2015

I organised a Geocaching event

Earlier in the year DH and I had gone to Stirling to The Great Tapestry of Scotland as there were not a lot of places it was suppose to be visiting. But then we found out it was coming to Ayr and so we decided to make a celebration of it. As a my regular readers will know I have been into the hobby of geocaching for a year now. In that year I have attended various geocaching events that I have thoroughly enjoyed, from The May Meander that was meant to be 3-4 hrs and 8 miles that actually turned out to be 7 hours and 13.5 miles.   The Mega Event, where geocachers from all over came to Ayrshire that involved many fab events where we celebrated our 200th,  to our 300th cache that we celebrated on Burns Day, not to mention the one that went hilariously wrong and we ended up covered in mud.

So we decided to organise an event based on something that we had seen on one of the tapestries, tunnocks tea cakes and barrs irn bru.

We organised our event for the first week of the tapestry being in Ayr to bring people to enjoy this amazing piece of work. We contacted both companies and Tunnocks agreed to provide us with some goodies to give away. A fellow cacher was kind enough to pick them up from the factory for me.

So the event was organised for Saturday 11th April. I advertised my event on the geocaching page as well as a few other places and waited on people saying they would come. The day started off with snowy showers which cleared to give sleety rain, which then cleared to give some lovely bright sunny weather.

So 3pm came and people started to arrive.

It was nice to welcome known faces from previous events as well as new faces who came along to meet fellow cachers.

Not to forget to mention of course some of the geohounds, even Chalky who was his normal white colour instead of a dark shade of mud covered.

From here people started to mingle and chat.

People signed the log to say they had been here,

and one of the cachers even made my event his 600th cache, I felt very honoured.

We shared out the teacakes, more than enough to go round with a few spare ones left.

I then got Bob to pick out raffle tickets for the Tunnocks prizes that had been donated.

everybody had a number to check

and the prizes were given to the lucky winners, I really wanted the hat.

The area I had chosen was right next to the main street but with a great walled safe off road area and all the children ( well apart from Minky and Dinky) roamed freely.

After the event some of the group went back to geocaching, others came across to the town hall to look at the tapestry. I had hoped to get Fifi in a picture here but she had disappeared off with her friend to wander the shops. So I borrowed a fellow cachers two daughters instead. 

Of course Granny and Granddad had to come as well.

Thank you to every one that came and made my event a success, was nice to meet new friends as well as catch up with old friends, the sun shone and everybody had a good time.

Next event I think will be a picnic or a barbecue in a park somewhere local over the Summer at some point.

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  1. Fantastic - I'm glad lots of people turned up :) Shame we don'tlive nearer !


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