Saturday, 11 April 2015

Project 365 week 15

What a glorious week it has been dont think we have seen any rain, dont think I have worn a jacket all week, apart from Monday morning where we had a heavy fog that did not lift until lunchtime then it has been glorious.


I finished work at two today, a rare Sunday afternoon off, (would rather have had the overtime but there was none today) and what a lovely Sunday it was, a beautiful sunny wind free afternoon and so we decided to make the most of it and went for a walk along the river. I am grateful for living in such a beautiful part of the country. So many country estates, rivers, parks and the beach to walk along. What is not to like?

a lovely walk along the river. 


Today was a strange sort of day, very warm but foggy. Some places were patchier than others. It took a long while to lift, this picture was taken at 11.45 am. It always amazes me how many people seem to think they can scream along the bypass at 70+ mph with no lights on in practically zero visibility. We did set off for a walk along the river at Failford this afternoon, but everybody else must have had the same idea and as the place only has approx ten parking spaces then there was nowhere to stop. 

still foggy at lunch time.


Another beautiful afternoon, Daughter No3 was down for the afternoon and so we decided to take the gruesome twosome to the park to get them out and to give daughter a break. Have to say they are hard work with two adults, no wonder they are impossible with one. Bob came with us as well. 

They played on the swings and slide and ran around and expended lots of energy. We got Bob to shout them through the tunnel, Dinky was a bi reserved about going through to start with but Minky went through and back. 

Dinky on her way through

Minky on his way back


Bob goes to cubs and he is trying to work towards some of his badges. So he is going to do his hobby and photography badge with me and his DIY badge with granddad. He wants to do his hobby badge on geocaching, and so no excuses needed for me to go out caching. The house is rather noisy this week as we are getting external cladding done and every bit of house work I have done this morning has been undone by the workman, so I am giving up and going out.
We went and looked for a series of caches, sadly some had been muggled, and I have to say what a horrible area it was. It is reclaimed pit land that has been planted with trees and series of footpaths to encourage people onto the land. Sadly it seems to be attracting all the wrong people with the are strewn with litter, empty cans, broken bottles and lots of dog sh*t*. But it got us all out for some fresh air and exercise. 

Granddad was pretending to hide behind a telegraph pole, but Bob could see him ( obviously) and was laughing at Granddad as he walked round the pole to stay behind it. 

Bob laughing at Granddad


Today was a visit day and we left early and went to look around Doune Castle before hand and do some geocaching afterwards. The weather is too nice to waste. The last time we went to Doune Castle, for a geocaching event, it rained and rained and rained and was just about dark, so we decided to go back on a nicer day, and nicer it was.

Doune Castle


Was nice to catch up with my nephew his girlfriend and their three girls. It is three years since we last saw them. Did get some pictures but I am not a lover of sharing other people children on my blog. So any way I was in the town today picking up some bits and pieces for my geocaching event tomorrow. There are posters advertising the Tapestry up on most street corners. It is well worth a look if you have not already seen it. 

advertising the Tapestry 


A whole week of outdoor pictures, no food, no baking ( not done any) no trying to think of ideas for pictures, this week they have all come easy. Today was the first ever geocaching event I have held, and more than twenty people turned up. Despite the snow this morning and the hailstones for a minute or two at two pm by three o'clock it was gorgeous. We sat on the bench seats eating tea cakes and drinking irn bru, having a good old chin wag. It was quite a little sun trap thank fully. 

geocaching fun

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  1. Love the castle pic, it's really eye catching. It's been such gorgeous weather this week, lovely to see all the children out playing in the park. #365

  2. So glad your geocaching event went well! The weather has been gorgeous this week, hasn't it? The reflection in the river is beautiful and I like the photo of Bob laughing at Grandad :)

  3. We love geocaching, how great to hold your own event. I have to admit I've found taking photos for 365 a lot easier this week, the sunshine definitely helps. x

  4. We have had lovely weather too :) The castle looks fab, great photo #365

  5. Such a shame about that former pit land - people try to make something nice and then others spoil it. Glad the geocaching is going so well.

  6. It's really nice to see lots of lovely weather this week. Glad you had fun at your geocaching event.

  7. Lovely photos from the week, we are also fond of Geocaching.

  8. Sounds like a fantastic place to live with so much on your doorstep! .. it looks like you did have a lovely week

  9. Love reading about your geocaching. We've still not done any even though we've 3 or 4 really close to us.

    Love the castle photo against the blue of the sky.

  10. It certainly has been a glorious week hasn't it! The twins are certainly getting big, the time flies by! Hope you have a good week x #project365

  11. I love it, outdoor fun in the sun all the way, I love the look of that castle.

  12. Great weather, great photos. Looks like a busy week!

  13. Some lovely photos, that's a really nice capture of the river,
    Glad you had a nice week :) #Project365

  14. Grandad's are always game for a laugh arent they? my step dad is always doing things like that with my two.
    wish Bob luck getting his badges
    glad you enjoyed some lovely weather xx

  15. Good outdoor week for you then!
    Pity the reclaimed land was messy, some areas just seem destined to attract the messy people.
    Glad you had a successful geocache day.


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