Friday 29 July 2016

Arts and crafts comes in many forms

I have never been particularly artistic but arts and crafts can take many forms. We did some feet print painting with the twins when they were only a few weeks old, have to say they did not have much choice in the matter, but they make for great memories and made presents for grandparents and other relatives.

The twins love to paint, more making a mess on paper than anything recognisable at their age but it is all part of their learning, Painting with a two year is an important pastime to help build fine motor skills. Giving them a brush and a selection of paint colours allows them to decide what they want to paint and allows their imagination to kick in while they paint dinosaurs or cars, which to you or I may well look like a grey mass on the paper but to them is a work of art. From holding the brush to dip it through to moving the wrist and applying the paint all serve a purpose. These become essential in later life when they learn the skills or writing and cutting with scissors.

the aftermath

As they get slightly older they not only learn about colours and colour mixing, but also things like textures - the difference between wet paint and dry paint.They can also use what they make. Minky painted toilet roll holders the other week, and then made them into binoculars to take out into the garden to have a dinosaur adventure. Not sure how many he found but the grass was long enough for quite a few to be hiding.

Dinky painting toilet roll holders

Minky's were made into binoculars 

They twins also take great pleasure in sticking and gluing. This again allows for working with textures, different materials react in different ways, a stone will not stick to paper with child friendly glue but other pieces of paper and light weight items like mini pompoms etc will stick.

creating masterpieces

a finished picture 

Fifi on the other hand has always been artistic and will spend hours drawing and colouring in. She really likes adult colouring books. She is also into face painting, and is very good at it. She helps out a local woman with some local events. She also goes along to the toddler group on a Friday morning during the holidays and paints the toddlers faces.

on her arm

and her hand

For me I have to say my idea of crafting is knitting, sewing, and cross stitching. I always knitted my own children's jumpers and cardigans and use to knit for the older two grandchildren as well. I  also made cross stitch blankets for the older two when they were young, have made one for Ziggy when he/she is born in the next few weeks and am currently working on one for Minky's Christmas. They make such unique presents, something that you can put hours of love into that they can use for years to come. Fifi still has her one folded up under her pillow, complete with blood stains that do not some off from when she had an accident when she was two.

pictures on Ziggy's blanket

So while I may not be talented at drawing, I have artistic flair in a different direction. I think it is essential we let our children develop their own styles for arts and crafts in whatever way they feel comfortable. The Works do a whole host of different arts and crafts materials from fat quarters, to cutting mats, pens, paints, paper and far to much more to mention. Why not have a look for yourself and I am sure there is something there to inspire everyone for a wet day at home over the school holidays. They also have a full range suitable for back to school, only three weeks away here in Scotland. 

Look they even do a tie dye kit, just the thing you need to make pale pink or blue babygro's a little bit more exciting. 

Spud in her tie day babygro


  1. My niece love art and craft! well she like making a mess anyway... xx

    1. have to agree the twins more make a mess but it is all pasrt of the learning curve.

  2. Love all these ideas and that arm painting is WOW!

    1. yes she ie very good at things she puts her mind too.

  3. Somehow my nephew does not care much for arts and crafts if it involves his hands getting dirty lol but otherwise it happy to paint if he is well covered.

    1. Dinky is very delicate when she paints and remains clean, Minky on the other hand gets rather messy


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