Saturday 2 July 2016

Project 366 week 26


My treat to myself whenever I stop at Tarbet.


Was in the supermarket and saw half a dozen bags of parsnips reduced to pennies. So they are now peeled, blanched and frozen.


Took Lilly for a walk. The grass is taller than she is and she had great fun leaping about like a gazelle.


Here is one half of a prize I won. The other half is slightly larger and due delivered tomorrow. I will leave you in suspense until next week what it is. Though you may have seen me sharing my win on Facebook.


Back into the habit of making something healthier for lunch and back to my keep fit routines this week. Holiday week saw me out of the way of it, although we did do plenty of walking. Cooked a mix of wild rice and black rice added some cooked peas and sweetcorn a bit of grated cheese and a tin of drained tuna. Very nice it is too.


On Monday when DD1 had been taking the children to soft play, she got them out of the mini bus she drives and as usual got them to stand close while she shut the sliding door. For some unknown reason Minky decided he would climb back in the bus and got his head shut in the door and ended up with a split head. Away to A&E for glue and stitches. Have to say I am surprised this is his first proper accident as he is a bull in a china shop clumsy child. He had had his face painted at toddlers this morning but you can see the cut on his head.


When on holiday we had taken Lilly's bed that she has for the car into the house and she seemed to prefer sleeping in it to the cushion she has in the living room. So I spotted one in the sale and picked her up a bed for the house.

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  1. Lilly's looking very comfy there. Ouch to that head! The rice dinner sounds good.

  2. Ahh! I love Parsnips. I could quite happily eat a plate full, roasted with gravy.
    Well done on your win! I can't wait to find out what the other half of the prize is.
    Aww! I hope your grandson isn't too sore.

  3. Poor Minky! That must have been a shock!
    What a good idea to buy up all those parsnips and get them prepared. I love parsnips, but only even seem to eat them at Christmas!

  4. Poor Minky, what a shock. Seen the dandelion and burdock the other day, is it nice? Not had it for years. I love parsnips. Way to go on your win x

  5. Ouch to the head! Love when I'm able to get reduced food, although I don't know if I've ever had parsnips.

  6. Love Lily's new dog bed. Hope the head heals quickly.

  7. Oh no I hope Minky is ok! I love picking up bargains when shopping. Your rice dish looks lovely x

  8. Poor Minky, what a nasty cut! Love parsnips, though wouldn't want to peel and slice several bags of them. Never tried dandelion & burdock, does it have a bitter taste? Well done on your win! and lol @ Lilly jumping like a gazelle.

  9. Poor little one - hope all is ok now, they mend quickly! The rice lunch sounds easy and tasty and love the commiseration burger!!

  10. Oh poor Minky! Hope he is feeling better now! And congrats on your win! Saw it on FB!

  11. OOOH what a utterly fabulous week

  12. Poor Minky, hope he's okay! Well done on your win, I think I may have seen what it is... :)


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