Friday 15 July 2016

Lilly went on holiday.

We went on holiday a few weeks back, the first holiday we have had since we rescued wee Lilly back in April. So she clocked up some geocaches and enjoyed some scenic parts of Scotland. We went to Ellenabeich on the Isle of Seil, not overly far from Oban.

So on the way up we stopped at various places to allow Lilly to stretch her legs. Stop one was at Balloch.

at Balloch

Our next stop is one of my favourites, here I get to buy dandelion and burdock. Tarbet on Loch Lomond is a beautiful place to stop.

off her lead at the waters edge

with the cruise boats in the background

Next off she stopped at historical Inverary Castle.

Queen Lilly at the castle

We walked round the grounds, well we had to pay £2 to park so  we thought we might as well. Not a huge amount of off the road stopping places much further along on our journey.

she spotted some cows in a field and had to watch them

We carried on with our travels and the final stop on the way up was Connel Bridge and the Falls of Lora 

exploring at Connel Bridge

Upon arrival at the cottage we were staying in Lilly went out the back to explore the garden and have a mad few minutes running around.

Later on after we had had something to eat we took her out to explore the isle. I use the word beach lightly as it is made up of slate not sand.

exploring under the slate

Saturday morning we went to explore the hills at the back of the cottage. She did not get off her lead here as she would have given grief to the sheep on the hills.

up the top of the hill

stood on the wall

lying chilling in the garden

on the picnic bench

Sunday dawned a bit dull and we got rain through out the day, but Lilly managed a walk to Dunollie Castle  to pick up some geocaches.

finding the cache at Dunollie Lighthouse

on the fallen tree, the cache was under it

Sadly Lilly is not good with other dogs, though she is improving from when we got her, so the time we spent at my daughters house she had to be caged.

not so keen on this bit

Monday morning was wet and windy but we went down to the beach again, Lilly learnt to love it down here. She learnt how to catch crabs without getting nipped and loved to eat the wee sea lice under the slates. Was team work, hubby moved the slates and Lily did the catching/

waves crashing on the shore

clambering across the wet rocks

looking out to sea

She really grew to love the beach, especially the fresh food

 She went across on the ferry to Easdale and had fun exploring there as well.

across the far side of Easdale

Not to mention getting to share lunch

please sir can I have some more? 

All in all I think she enjoyed her holiday, never met another dog on the slate beach and she explored lots of new places.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I have to say I am not a dog person but what a little cutie - I think she has converted me! What fun. Thanks for linking to #sharewithme

  2. What a lovely dog. She certainly has had some adventures. I love Loch Lommond as well and want to go back soon


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