Saturday 30 July 2016

Project 366 week 30


I never normally buy tickets but splashed out and bought a Euro Lottery ticket, and we won.........all of £5.40 but a win none the less.


This little dog makes me laugh every day of the week. She is such a lovable creature, here she is trying to catch a fly that is buzzing around. Unfortunately she also chases bees and wasps so not something to encourage.


I was sent these to try out a few weeks back. I normally just use plain razors due to having so many allergies and so much stuff flares up my skin. But thankfully can say I have no problems with these at all, not even the shaving gel.Nice to find products I can use without a reaction.  They have come in very handy with the hot weather we have been having and my legs to fit to have on show. I really like how much easier the gel makes shaving rather than soap and the razors themselves give a nice close shave that leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth. The handles are a god shape to hold and makes the five blades makes the whole process quick and easy.

The small one in the case is called a snap Venus SNAP with Embrace and retails at £9.99
Venus’ first ever portable razor, provides instant smoothness on-the-go – the perfect match for anyone with a busy and active lifestyle. a great size to pop in your handbag or your weekend bag if you are going away. I took it on holiday, I like the case to keep it in makes it safer to rummage in your toilet bag. 

The larger one  Venus & Olay retails at £10.99
The perfect two in one choice to remove hairs and soothe skin at the same time. The clever Venus & Olay blades feature shave gel bars which make contact with the skin before and after the razor to lubricate and ease the blades over the skin, eliminating the feel of irritation and moisturising as it goes! – The perfect choice two give a busy mum some pamper time, even when you only have time for a quick shower!
has a very handy holder that attaches with a sucker and means the razor is at hand when you need it but out of the reach of children if you have any. 

satin care shave gel


A random flower with raindrops on. Love how rain enhances nature.

Yeeehhh I can finally take the twins out in the car, daughter now has two car seats compatible with my car. So as daughter was away shopping I took the gruesome twosome to a local country estate and let them run and play. Lets just say they got stripped to their vests to get back into their car seats they had that much fun and went straight in the bath when I got them home. Here they are picking flowers for mummy. I use the term flowers loosley as they were picking grass and leaves and heads of buttercups, but nothing much that resembled a flower.


We disabled one of our caches a while ago as it was waterlogged. So today we finally got round to putting it back. The tide was well out and so we took Lilly down to the waters edge to hunt for crabs and sea lice. Our cache is up just behind the castle.


I have been having horrendous problems with night cramps and restless legs, so much so that I went to the GP the other day. She says there is not much they can prescribe but she has suggested tonic water for the quinine, magnesium and a vitamin B complex, so I bought some. Hopefully they will help. Seems to be weekend nights when I have been on my feet all day walking for  miles on concrete floors, over stimulating the muscles.


  1. Hope you find a solution to the restless legs problem. Well done on the lottery win.

    1. so do I hun, nothing worse than no sleep knowing you have to get up and go out for 12 hrs to work.

  2. Hope your legs are feeling better with the tonic water. What a wonderful place for a cache to be hidden in.

    1. the scenery from the cache is stunning, well worth theclimb to the top of the hill.

  3. oh no cramp in your legs must be so uncomfortable Elaine :( i hope they are better now.
    your trip out with the twins sounds like a lot of fun - it must be lovely having the car seats now.
    well done on the lottery win - small but like you say, a win nonetheless x x

    1. need to get the twins out again, it is finding time that suits round work and their schedules.

  4. she can be naughty when we are out but settles down much quicker now.


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