Saturday 20 May 2017

Project 365 week 20

Been a horrible week I have to say, but my mood is happier than it was this time last week.


Been feeling really crappy the last few days. not ill enough not to be at work but glad I have not got an overtime shift. A couple of painkillers and fell asleep on the couch for over an hour.


Still feeling crappy and spent a lot of the day in bed. Did mange to write out some postal competition entries, mostly biggies for the tv competitions, a nice win would be much appreciated.

fingers crossed 

Lilly went to the vet for her tests. four xrays showing a mass on her left lung and an endoscopy showing very swollen tonsils. This accounts for her symptoms and her suffering. They are treating it as pneumonia at the moment with a secondary infection in her tonsils. A long lasting steroid injection and a two week course of antibiotics. Vet was not hopeful that is what it is as the lump was too consolidated normally pneumonia is not as solid a lump.
 I am convincing myself that is what it is but am not too hopeful. To go back in two weeks for more xrays to see how it is going, or take her back quicker if things do not improve.We need to get to the bottom of it for her sake cos her life is pretty miserable with it.
Have to say she deteriorated very badly over the weekend and I really did think I would not be bringing her home again.I left the vet surgery covered in dog hairs and in tears.  But I did bring her home.

hubby putting on her car harness 


Lilly is eating bits and pieces, very small bits but eating again which is good, swelling must be going down . Took her for a slow leisurely stroll round the fishery, she did enjoy a few short burst of running and tried to get into the pond after the ducks. She struggled to finish her walk so the short distance was a better choice than a big walk. One day at a time.

Lots of baby birds with their parents.


Been doing some sewing this week which I cannot share as it is being kept for a present. Looking good I have to say. Visit day today but no real chance for any photos or a walk round the area as we need to come straight back for Lilly.

Treated myself to a dash cam as I have wanted one for a while and I fancy filming our way round Arran at the end of the month. So it is up and running.


Lilly's improvement continues, as it has in the past, just hoping with the longer lasting steroid and the antibiotics we do not get a deterioration again at the end of the course of treatment.  Another short walk round the fishery, nice flat ground for her again.

wonder if they are singing "five little ducks" to the babies 


A bit of cross stitching this week, working on a cushion cover that requires smaller writing than I can cut out and applique so combining two skills to make this one.

using one of last years Christmas pressies.


  1. so sorry to hear about Lilly, i hope she continues to make small improvements, i was shedding a tear as i read it, you must have been in pieces. Thinking of investing in a front and rear dash cam for Dubai, I'm fed up of undertaking and tail gaiting, it's quite frightening.

    1. Yes a few tears have been shed this week.Ours only does front.

  2. Sorry to hear about Lilly. I hope the improvements are the start of a real improvement for her. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather too. Love the photos of the swans and geese.

  3. I hope you are feeling better now.
    I am so sorry to read about Lilly. I hope she continues to improve.
    Lovely photos. The ducklings are so cute x

  4. I'm sorry you've had such a tough week. Hope Lilly is doing okay x

  5. Hope Lily continues to get better. And hope you have a better week of health this week - hate it when you're ill but not quite ill enough to warrant a day off x

  6. awwwww bless Lily, I really hope this is her getting over it Elaine and she will be back to her normal self very soon. Bet you were glad to get this week over and done with. I hope you get a win from all those entries ! I also hope you feel better x

  7. Sorry to hear about Lily...I hope she continues to make improvements.

    Love the pictures with all the baby birds!


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