Saturday 27 May 2017

Project 365 week 21


Another full day at work, so home for an exciting tea, don't use convenience foods very often but they are handy to have. Not as nice as it use to be years ago or is it just my taste buds have changed?


Did the gymnastics run, looked like it was going to rain so went and sat in the library and did some sewing while watching part of a film on my kindle. Loved Minky's new jogging suit he was wearing. Not the clearest picture as he was not pleased about having it taken so it was a zoom from the far end of the room with my phone.


Back to the Dr for me, antibiotics to take and steroids in case I need them as my peak flow has been seriously going down the last few nights making it impossible to sleep. Lilly went for a short back and sides. had been booked in for last Wednesday but we cancelled after the trauma she went through the day before.


Spoke to the vet this morning again about the pain Lilly is in, seems cruel she is suffering and wondering what else we can do for her.  So as we have pet insurance he has sent off her x-rays to the Glasgow Veterinary school and they are going to take a look at them and we will get a referral up to see what else they can do for her.

Did some sewing to try and take my mind off of things. Made this for a colleague at work. part of my #cashforkids fund raising.


DD1 fancied taking the children out somewhere as it was to nice to stay in, so I said I would go with her, spending time with them all is fun and took my mind off of home. We headed off to the beach park followed by a paddle in the sea, It was very busy for a weekday but then the weather was beautiful. Laugh at daughter cos she parks in the bus car park, well she drives a mini bus so why not I suppose.


Got through Lillys appointment for Glasgow, we go to see them on Tuesday 6th June. Feel a bit better about going away on holiday and leaving her as we have not had to postpone her appointment so we can go. Handed in signed permission for either of the girls to take her to the vet and get her treatment if they feel she needs it.


Took Lilly in to get a top up of injections to keep her going till we get back, save the girls having to work out whether she needs them or not. Stopped for a walk at Auchincruive on the way back and spotted a tree with hundreds and hundreds of hatching baby caterpillars.


  1. poor Lilly, good job you have insurance for her, hope you're feeling better also. Have a fab holiday and look forward to seeing your pictures

    1. pictures to follow when I get chance now I am home with a computer and internet

  2. I hope the vet can help Lilly. Looks like a great date at the beach! #365

    1. was a brilliant afternoon at the beach, probably do a blog post at some point.

  3. Poor Lilly - I hope they get to the bottom of it soon.

    1. yes hoping for an idea on Tuesday when we go.

  4. Glad so much is being done for Lilly. Hope they find some answers and a way to help her. I love that beach photo. The weather has been amazing!

  5. Hope you get some answers for Lily soon. And sorry you haven't been feeling well either. We saw some caterpillars like that the other day, girls were fascinated

  6. Poor wee Lilly, thank goodness you have insurance. Hope you are feeling better soon. Have a great holiday lovely x

  7. funnily enough I had a tin of that bolognese the other r night as had nothing much in and it was nice for a change, but I agree about the taste, it was not quite as recalled. Then again, nowadays they have to take so much out of the ingredients don't they!
    Glad to hear that Lily is receiving some medical help, bless her. Thank goodness for open insurance! Lovely beach photo :)
    Enjoy your holiday Elaine, I think you are in need of it xx


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