Saturday 17 June 2017

Project 365 week 24


A slow short stroll round one of the ponds this evening. She still likes to sniff and dig so while she is still capable we will let her.

Lilly standing nice


I am looking to do different things with my sewing machine. Cannot justify buying a new machine so decided to accessorise the one I have.  So when I spotted this lot in a charity shop I picked them up, they will do great to practice with and if need be waste.

various colours of thread. 


Spotted these in the shop and so had to try them. Also googled what they were all about abnd good grief some people are labelling them racist as they are all white.  Drawback is I don't like the blackcurrant ones and can't tell till after they are in your mouth which is which.

speaks for itself 


Hubby out playing with one of his toys.


Phoned back to the vet school and they informed us Lilly has two different infections in her lungs. They are prescribing an antibiotic that she needs to take for four weeks. We will then get another appointment and they will repeat the CT scan to see if things have changed. Unless her cough comes back or she goes down hill in which case they will see us straight away.

Watching the four youngest while DD1 takes Fifi to an appointment save her taking them all. Plan had been to go the park but there was enough rain water running down the street to go canoeing in so we didn't bother. We read books instead.

Spud and Minky eating tea


Following on from our phone call yesterday I picked up tablets for Lilly from our vet today. Much easier than driving to Glasgow for them. Here is hoping they do some good.
Ziggy came for a short visit as DD2 was in the area.
Review and competition up in the next few days.

Ziggy with her first blogging gift. 


Got three more applique to make for people and none of them needed desperately so I decided to do some patchwork for a change. Forget how long it takes to cut them all out. Got them to this stage but all the seams need ironing out before I go any further.

first of many squares 


  1. I hope Lilly's cough doesn't come back and the medication works for her. Lovely photos of the little ones. And who on earth would think sweets were racist?! What a crazy view to have!

    1. Yes time will tell if the tablets work, I am hoping so, not had her long enough yet, have another 8 or 10 years to give her.

  2. Aww! Lily! She does look very happy there. I hope the tablets help.
    Skittles being racist is just ridiculous.
    hehehe! My fella likes doing a bit of DIY too. He loves his tool bench.

  3. Hope Lily's cough doesn't come back. Fingers crossed the tablets work. I do like the spotty fabric for the patchwork.

    1. loved the spotty fabric when I bought it as well, was a quilt cover so got plenty of it for a bargain price from a charity shop.

  4. what a fab charity shop find, I'm looking forward to mooching around the charity shops next week, glad Lily is getting out and about still. What is hubby making?

    1. love a good mooch round a charity shop. making a base for a shed we are going to buy.

  5. Hope Ziggy liked her first blogging gift, it looks adorable. Where is it from?
    Also racist skittles?!! What the he k people!!! #355

    1. its from a company called Frame my name

  6. That name picture is fab, can you send me the link to the site when you have a sec please? Poor Lilly, I've been wondering how she is doing, fingers crossed the tablets help her xx #365

    1. popped it on Facebook for you. They are well made

  7. I hope the tablets do the job for Lilly, poor thing. Love the spotty fabric and that name print is beautiful x

  8. Hope the tablets helped Lily...shes not having a good time of it at the moment is she?

    Sorry had to laugh that some people think they are racist...although these days I don't believe what I read..sometimes news is blown up to make matters worse.

  9. sorry Elaine, I could have sworn I commented earlier in the week!
    Poor Lily dog, I do hope there tablets are helping her.
    The framed name is a beautiful idea isn't it? and what a gorgeous little grand daughter too :)
    Spud and Minky are so big now!
    I tried the white skittles recently, as you do, and I prefer them being coloured! x


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