Saturday 24 June 2017

Project 365 week 25


While I was at work the grandchildren came round with a Fathers Day card for Granddad and some home made crispie cakes that they had made unaided in the morning. Minky was really pleased with the card he had made and was very pleased when Granddad put it on the mantle piece, and it is still there.

card and cripies


Hubby did some more preparation work for his shed. Moving slabs to level them up so Lilly helped with the digging.  Her cough has not returned which I am hoping is a good thing. Sadly her appetite is back to normal for Lilly, mega small portions as and when she wants to.

digging under the slab


Sometimes my sewing corner can get rather messy. I had been cutting out another load of purple and white shapes to match last weeks patchwork square. The piles on the windowsill are the piles for each separate square. I was listening to an audio book on my kindle and had a bottle of juice handy as it has been rather warm all week.

messy but organised


The children wanted to come and visit. so DD1 brought them up before nursery.
Bob read a book, Spud fell asleep, Dinky huffed and Minky played nice and stroked Lilly.

Spud,  Dinky and Minky


I have to do a health and safety inspection and write a report on my findings as part of my UNISON training. I have decided to do it on the ergonomics of our Supervisors Office, and do I was printing off the standards that I shall be looking for during my inspection.


The Lilies are looking fabulous at the moment, sadly they have a short life span.


Looking to do something a bit more adventurous with my sewing machine. So I had a conversation with a lovely lady at Toyota who agreed to send me out a few attachments for my machine. A full blog post will follow once I have made something impressive with them. Here I was practising making flowers and just put them in boxes as I had been practising sewing the boxes.

a flower stitch attachment 


  1. Aww! What a lovely fathers day for your hubby. Crispie cakes are just the best.
    I'm glad Lily is doing great.
    It looks like the sewing is going well x

  2. That looks fab flowers. Glad Lily seems ok. What sweet little kiddies they are. The cakes & card is so cute x

    1. The flowers I am hoping will be even more fab for a project I have in mind.

  3. Oo I am excited to see what sewing you are going to do with the new parts as teethers flowers look great. Your grandchildren have the cutest nicknames too. #65

    1. The older children picked the nicknames when DD1 was expecting them.

  4. The lily flowers look wonderful - mine have been attacked by the lily beetle. I'm glad that Lily seems to be enjoying life at the moment.

  5. naughty Lily digging under the slab, glad she's stopped coughing, your sewing area looks like everything I do, messy but my organised mess

  6. An organised mess is a good mess! Love the crispie gift for your hubby.

  7. Love the idea of the flower stitching and your patio laying helper. I need you to a Health and Safety assessment on me, working on a laptop is causing me no end of problems. Your sewing room looks very industrious #365

  8. Aww the card they made is lovely! Glad Lily isn't coughing again.

    Those flower stitches look impressive! Didn't realise you can do that with machines.

  9. great card for your hubby from the kiddies - and who can say no to crispy cakes? not me! Lovely seeing Lily busy digging, although shame her appetite has dwindled so much once again. bless her. The colour of those lilies is beautiful! And I am curious how a contact at Toyota can help you with your sewing projects! x

  10. Love the card :) Your sewing corner looks well used, just as it should :)


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