Saturday, 5 August 2017

Project 365 week 31


Not quite sure why my car got invaded but there had been a baby on the front with this one, as well as others on the roof at the same time.

scrounging vermin


DD1 was having a clear out of  bedding she no longer uses. Some of it is like new, so it will end up as part of a patch work quilt at some point.

a handy pile of bedding


Took the kids a walk to the library and over to the park. Poor wee Spud tries her best to keep up with the twins, but she stands no chance.

Spud chases after the twins.


A visit to Stirling, followed by a wander round Dunblane Cathedral. Had then planned to go and do some geocaching to nearby Bridge of Allan but rain stopped play. So we headed back to Stirling for something to eat. I decided on a few starters instead of a main course. Made a pleasant change from my usual.

Dunblane Cathedral 


Manage to sort out my car insurance, saving nearly 30% of the premium  from my current company for my renewal next week just by doing a comparison. Sorted the breakdown cover and went for a walk with DD1 and the children. I use the term walk quite loosely, more a puddle sploshing session, but we all had fun.


Home for some lunch and then went for a five mile walk with hubby to do some geocaching. Went and did a circular walk of some of the new caches at Eglington Park in Irvine.


Managed to get bitten while we were out for a walk yesterday. As per usual with me it soon got out of control so I phoned NHS 24 and got an appointment. From me phoning them, to them phoning back, attending my appointment and home again was all achieved in 2 hrs . Not bad going. A week long course of antibiotics and instructions to go back if it gets worse.


Yesterday baking. A bog standard sponge with a dairy free chocolate ganache on and decorated. How come the ganache seems to go from runny enough to run off the cake to too set to go on it in what seems like only seconds?  Not the prettiest ;looking but tastes very yummy as per usual.

Week 32: 12 August 2017


  1. Firstly and most importantly the cake looks delicious! That is awful about what happens when you get bitten. Glad it all got sorted quickly though. And poor wee Spud trying to keep up. Bless. #365

    1. Annoying when I get bitten, but have learnt to deal with it sooner rather than later

  2. Ohh! Well done for your daughter having a clear out of her bedding. That looks like plenty of material for you to use.
    hehehe. Aww! Poor Spud trying to keep up.
    Jumping in puddles is great fun. I really wish my two hadn't grown out of it.
    Ahh! The messiest looking cakes always taste the best x
    I hope the antibiotics helps.

    1. Yes sadly like every other cute phase they grow out of it.
      A great material stash to get my teeth into

  3. The cake looks delicious! And of course, that's all that counts. Hope those bites heal up soon.

  4. Hope you're starting to feel much better after getting bitten, I'm forever reacting to bites! I'm always a tiny bit scared of seagulls, they're such greedy things!

    1. they are greedy vicious birds, far to big for comfort. I know a lot of our local schools will not allow the children to eat in the playground as they get bombed by them stealing their food.

  5. Lots of walking this week! Love how grown up Spud is looking now. Sorry to hear about your reaction to the insect bite. Hope you've recovered now.

    1. Spud is getting way to grown up, and it makes it hard to safely watch all the children when they disappear at differing speeds. But the twins will stop if you ask them to.

  6. The important part about a cake is its taste. This cake looks delicious. Another thing--I liked the photo where Spud is chasing after the cute!

  7. Oh no sorry to hear you got bitten and it got bad!

    That cake looks good...could do with a slice!

    The seagull certainly seems to like your car!

  8. Sorry that you got bitten - glad it all got sorted so quickly for you. Puddle jumping is so much fun and at least they were all wearing waterproofs. Pesky seagulls! and how fab to have been given all that bedding for future quilt projects x


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