Saturday 29 July 2017

Project 365 week 30

Been a hard going week on the dog front. We thought we had a new dog to give our love to but at the moment it is not to be. Decided to give dog hunting a break until we are both in a better frame of mind. So been quite a stressful week but hoping next week will be a bit more relaxed.


The pile of crochet squares is starting to grow.


Hubby decided to get round to replacing the weed suppressant down the side of the garden. Lilly use to spend hours tearing up and down the side fence playing with next doors dog (who most of the time ignored her and just stood still) and so hopefully the next dog will be trained to stay off this patch but I doubt it.


Finished off the quilt I shared last week. All the edges are now cut and the quilt is washed so some of the fraying has started, will take a few washes for it to come to its finest. This one has the five patterns across each row of six with the edge ones being identical. These quilts will make Christmas presents for Spud and Ziggy.


A very nice prize turned up out of the blue this morning. A load of cake decorating pens and gels and glitters. A very nice home has been found for them.

Finished off the second quilt this morning and have started cutting out the second one, a very similar theme just different patterns on the material.

Bob came for a few hours as he did not want to go shopping with the rest of the family. We played uno roboto but the same game dragged on for the best part of an hour before we gave up and started another game, nobody was getting out. Bob did not want his picture taken for the blog.


Been years since I have had an ice cream float drink but time we got back from shopping the ice cream was nicely soft scoop so I made myself one.


Plenty of stress relieving sewing going on this week. Second quilt now finished. This one is still six squares wide but this time I used six different patterns, last time I used only five, both very nice but think the five looks better as you get more repeats of patterns. the edging is not done yet on this one.


I finally got my ophthalmology appointment. Oh boy what a pain that was. My appointment was for 5 to 3, I got called in at 10 to 5, and got out at quarter past.Did take my kindle with me and listened to my audio books and my crocheting and managed to get two squares finished.  I have Ocular Rosacea, Rosacea, blepharitis, and dry eyes. So have got a prescription for tablets to take one a day for three months, and two different eye drops, one to use four times a day for a month and the other to use twice a day for a month. Another appointment in two months.

I asked for a complaint form on the way out, a two hour wait is ridiculous. They either need less patients or more doctors on.


  1. Sorry you have had a stressful week...
    It's great to see the finished quite. It looks fantastic. Well done on your win.
    My girls would have had a whale of a time decorating cakes with those things. hehehe
    I don't think I have ever had an ice cream float. I really want to but never think of making one. I must.
    Oh gosh! The wait at the hospital was terrible, far too long. I would have complained too x

    1. I love the quilting. Yes a certain granddaughter will enjoy the decorating stuff as well.

  2. Your quilts look amazing! Sorry to hear you haven't found the right dog yet. I hope it will happen for your soon. Your appointment at the hospital sounds ridiculous! I have rosacea and blepharitis (luckily both currently under control) and they're horrible. Can't imagine what it must be like to have other conditions too!

    1. knew my eyes had been sore for months, since I had that flu last years and taken this long to get an appointment. Never give the red blotches on my face a second thought, did not realise they had a name.

  3. A two hour wait at the docs is just awful!! But oh an ice cream float!! I haven't had one in years either! Hmmm maybe tomorrow I'll introduce the kids to them. #365

    1. yes not sure the grandkids have had them either, I know my kids liked them when they were kids, but think that was the novelty of the fizzy juice they did not get very often.

  4. A two hour wait is too much. Hope you find a new dog soon as the house must seem empty without one, but I can understand taking a break from your search. In any case it will give a little time for some new dogs to arrive at the places you have been looking. The quilts look good.

    1. the house is very empty without a dog, but I am sure the right one will be there when the right one needs a new home.

  5. Sorry to hear you've had a stressful week. Hugs. The quilt looks fantastic. Those cake pens, look amazing. I didn't know you got get them. Never had an ice-cream float before. xx

    1. I have never used cake pens I have to say, just not artistic enough to work with things like that.

  6. mmmmm ice cream flats - they were such a treat to have when I was younger.
    Elaine I am so sorry (this is very belated isn't it) about Lilly - it is good news that you are thinking about getting another little dog to love, to help fill the gap and enjoy. She was such a good girl.
    Fantastic prize you won too - lots of great cake decorating to come up now x

  7. Sorry you've had a stressful week, I hope you find the right dog when the time is right. Love the look of those cake decorating supplies, right up my street :) The quilts are amazing!

  8. The quilt is looking great! Hope the meds help and you feel better soon!

    Love that prize! Congrats


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