Saturday, 13 January 2018

Project 365 week 2


Took advantage of the crisp afternoon weather and went for a walk along the river at Auchincruive. Needed to nip into the town to buy some wood to sort the shed that is being moved so combined the two into one. Not sure why these were running free but they were certainly slowing down the traffic flow.


The school are back and so the after school activities are back. Bob does gymnastics in the next village so makes it easier for DD1 if somebody else takes him. Some days I go for a walk, some days I sit in the library, but today I decided to sit in the car I watched an episode of Quantico I have downloaded on my kindle and took a flask of hot chocolate with me. I am sure somewhere we have the keep warm cups so will need to find one.


A casual conversation with a neighbour over something totally different leads to a new pine bed frame for the front bedroom. Less squeaky than the metal frame that was there. It is the spare bed and only used when DD2 comes to stay. One spare black frame in excellent barely used condition now looking for a new home.

Spent a few hours going through various blogging sites applying for any compatible opportunities. Those I did not feel I could do justice to I asked them if they would want to collaborate with me and supply a competition prize come April. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Really being organised and adding them to a google document so I can keep track of what and when I have applied for.


DD1 needs to register the twins for starting school in August. She has her reasons for not wanting to use the local one so I watched Bob and Spud while she and SIL1 went to look at an alternative. DD1 realised that her MOT had run out on her car as I needed to bring her and her shopping back from the town so took the kids to play in a local park. At the moment Spud has the same attention span as Minky had at that age, ten seconds on one thing, six seconds on another.
Had a physio appointment in the afternoon, got signed off as now just need to keep up with the exercises and get back to work.


Had a plumber out on Tuesday as we have been having hassles with water backing up into the shower and not running away overly freely since Christmas Day. Our plumber cleared the pipework in the house but could not clear part of the outside drain. We phoned Scottish Water to take a look as hoping it might have been in the shared pipe in which case the sort would have been for free. No such luck, but a sort from them was sub
stantially cheaper than the drain clearing companies, so it is not sorted.  Turns out when the drains were originally laid somebody had left a chuck of wood in there and everything had got caught in it.


A day of using some ingredients in the kitchen for tea. Made a mince beef and potato pie and I used up some rice krispies DD2 had bought when she was here last time, Blog post to follow sometime soon,


I saw an opportunity from a company called Giggle Knickers, loved the name so went for a look at their website and applied for a pair to review.

Giggle Knickers® are a New super-soft, light weight, washable cotton knicker with a hi-tech protective panel that gives you total security without the bulk or bother of disposable pads.
Giggle Knickers Ltd® was developed to create a normal looking washable pair of knickers for the thousands of women out there with a sensitive bladder.

Now these suited me as they are what are commonly called Bridget Jones knickers, the only design they make at the moment, but there is an option on their website to choose  to -  help shape their future - you can opt for boy shorts, high leg, bikini or thong, personally not sure the thong would do much of a job but each to their own. 

Being a woman of nearly sixty I admit I tend to wear a small incontinence pad most days, rarely do I need them but any of us can have a hard cough come on or we need to run after a grandchild or jump like a bunny with them. So having worn them twice since I got them  I have to say I find them very comfortable you really do not notice any difference than with my normal Bridget's. I felt clean, dry and fresh all day and had no discomfort at all. Nice to not have a disposable pad on and think of the positive effect on the planet. They are currently on sale at £12.99 a pair which may sound quite expensive but not only will they save money from having to buy  disposables  all year, they will also help to save the planet with less rubbish in landfills. Only time will tell how well they wash and wear. 


  1. Great news about the new bed, not such good news about the drain. Always something to sort isn't there #365

  2. Gosh good work with the Google doc for blogging. I am nowhere near as organised. The new bed looks lovely and I always like wood beds best. #365

  3. Sitting in your car with a hot chocolate watching a tv show sounds lovely....
    Well done with the new bed. It looks fab.
    Eek! What a nightmare with the drain.
    That pie looks amazing! I will be looking out for the blog post x

  4. Urg leaving some wood in the drain! I sometimes wonder what goes through peoples minds! Brilliant name for those knickers :D I don't leave the house at the moment without a flask with a hot drink in it, I never know when I'm going to be waiting in the car!

  5. That's very annoying about the drain! The new spare bed looks very good. Good idea to watch something while you're waiting for Bob. I always read my book when I'm waiting for my daughter.

  6. love the photo of the sheep, where i used to live in the Forest of Dean in gloucestershire they were free roaming sheep and used to block roads and sleep in the garden, such a pain

  7. You are very organised to do a Google doc for blogging requests. The sheep photo is lovely, and the new bed looks comfy. Hope you find takers for the previous bed frame soon, and that the drain issue is resolved asap.

  8. Giggle knickers sound awesome. I think there's a similar pair for periods somewhere out there. About time really. I hope you get your shower sorted soon!

  9. I try to keep track of who I've contacted about blogging opps but it can be hard sometimes! A Google doc is a good idea tho. Giggle Knickers is quite possibly the best branding I've ever come across lol #365

  10. Drains can be so expensive to clear! Such a headache when the water backs up!

    I love Quantico, its a fab show.

    Think I need to get more organised and do google docs to keep on top of things!

  11. That pie looks lush! The knickers sound great - three babies have ruined my pelvic floor and when I have a cough, cold or laughing fit...well, you can imagine!


  12. Love the name of the knickers. Drains can be such a nightmare can't they?

  13. Love the look of that pie, what a great idea to use up food! #365

  14. We are always having problems with our drains. Love the name of the knickers, after 7 children I should probably look into some of these! Can't believe the twins will be starting school.

  15. I want the recipe for the pie especially interested as it uses Rice Krispies! #project365


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