Saturday 17 March 2018

Project 365 week 11

Been a week of grandchildren and a not so well little dog.

Blog wise I have had some luck with so far three companies that are willing to supply a prize for a few giveaways I am planning on running for my 7th blogiversary at the start of next month. Had hoped for more but with them and a few prizes I am supplying myself it should add a few extra views and comments. Will need to start getting them into frat mode this coming week.


Mothers Day is not something I hold big store by but I do love to get presents that are chosen with love. I have always got massive amounts of pleasure from my children, and the love I get from my grandchildren cannot be measured in presents, I just feel so honoured that they all want me in their lives and get so much love from them, snotty kisses and smelly nappies don't last forever and each stage is wonderful to watch.

Today I picked up one from DD1 and the grandchildren. Fifi had made a small 3d box  ( approx 1.5 by 2 inches) from popupdesigns and I also got a very pretty tin of teas. Some very different  flavours in there. May well need to go and find the chocolate vanilla and rooibos - very pleasantly different.


My present from DD2 arrived with the post today. A cushion which is now placed on the small coffee table so the dog does not lie on it.  I know they all appreciate us grandparents but this says the way they feel.


Bob had a Glasgow hospital appointment again today, sadly as he missed his last one due to the weather they had to start all over again with his blood tests. So her friend ran her up and I watched the three wee ones. The twins had been on a nursery trip and were rather tired, and mucky, so we popped into the library as I needed food bin bags, we read three stories, they each chose one, and then I let them chill out in front of the tv for a while as they had dancing after tea. Was quite nice as meant I got Spud on her own for over an hour and we played daft with the washing basket but she kept getting stuck in there so we changed it over for her tunnel.


A walk up at Auchincruive with hubby and Dixie dog.

DD1 was wanting to paint her skirting boards in her hall and up her stairs so as Bob can not tolerate the smell of gloss paint he was sent here over night.


Dixie dog has been having some issues and she is reluctant to eat anything hard and seems to be in pain when we stroke round her ears, so last weekend we had taken her into the vet who thought it might relate to her teeth so today she was going to have them cleaned and looked at. As this involves a general anaesthetic the vet decided as she still needed to be spayed he would do the two together  save the risk of a general anaesthetic twice.

For those of you who followed my blog last year  you may remember little Lilly started off not eating and appeared to be in pain and had a low grade cough, so to say the least I am a bit concerned. I know they say lightning does not strike twice, lets hope they are right this time. Dixie is only just two this month.

Bob and I spent some time playing Happy Families.

When we went to pick up Dixie she had not recovered from the anaesthetic well and was receiving fluids to prevent her from  dehydrating. She had also passed blood from her back passage so they had done an ultra sound but everything seemed to be ok.
When she got home she did not have the energy to stand. Hubby sat with her until 3am encouraging her to drink. She had a mad ten minutes about 2 am running around and jumping on and off the couch. So hubby popped her into her cage to stop her from injuring herself.


Dixie is a little bit more with it this morning. Gave her her pain killers and antibiotics, got her outside to wee and she walked back on by herself. Spent most of the day lying on the spare couch on her cushion, eaten a few bits of chicken and is drinking. Not happy with her breathing or the cough she has so back to the vet as soon as I can get some video footage of her coughing. If she needs a referral then a few nights wont make much difference but thought it was better than taking her back in the car again tonight.


Made some flap jack last night for taking to work. Not quite sure what happened but it stuck to the tin foil I lined the tin with and came off it bits rather than being cut into squares. Hey ho it tastes fine.


  1. Oh no what a worry with Dixie, that first shot of her is really lovely. I hope you get some answers soon and everything can be sorted. Love the chocolate and vanilla tea too, really nice isn't it #365

  2. Oh, poor little Dixie, hope you will get to the bottom of her health problems. That photo of her on the stone doorstep is lovely. I'm with Bob on the smell of the gloss paint, it makes me sick. I had once got very unwell at work, when they were painting the windows. The chocolate rooibos tea sounds tasty. You've got lots of beautiful meaningful presents.

  3. Wow! 7 years blogging! That is fantastic. I will look out for your giveaways.
    What lovely presents you got for mothers day.
    Aww! I hope Dixie is OK. It makes sense getting everything done with one anaesthetic. x

  4. Hope Dixie gets better soon, poor thing, that doesn’t sound nice for her. Love all the little teas idea and the pillow is just lovely!

  5. Oh what a worry with Dixie. Such a lovely photo of her. That tea sounds different. Way to go on the blogoversary XX

  6. Sorry to hear about Dixie. Hope it isn't anything too serious. What lovely thoughtful presents!

  7. fingers crossed dixie is going to be ok, some lovely gifts from the children and grandchildren

  8. I hope Dixie Dog gets better soon. Oh yum yum the flapjack looks really tasty! #365

  9. You got some lovely gifts from your family. I really hope that little Dixie dog is OK?

  10. What lovely gifts you recieved! Poor Dixie dog hoping all is okay! x

  11. Oh that cushion is lovely!

    Poor Dixie...must be such a worrying time for you!

  12. My flapjacks never stick together no matter how much syrup I add so I end up with muesli instead! Lovely dog and grandchildren pics #project365


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