Friday, 17 August 2018

Must-Haves For Keeping Your Sanity During The Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are finally upon us, and whether your children have just began their
six week break away from school, or they’re not too far from going back, there’s
always going to be moments where you feel like you’re losing your sanity. As you know,
children need constant entertainment, supervision, and always seem to find room for more food.
However, sanity not need be lost in the long six weeks of full time childcare, so if you’ve got the
pleasure of your kiddies for another few weeks before they return to school, take a look at
these must-haves for keeping your sanity during the summer holidays.


The best thing that you can do for your sanity is to line up a whole range of activities for
the kids to delve into, even on rainy days. Here are some ideas for you to try with your
children this summer:

a) Let them loose with the paint, glue, and anything else crafty. Designate an area in
which they can do this so that clean up is swift and simple. Just remember to lay down
plenty of plastic or newspaper so that you don’t find yourself cleaning up glitter for the
next year or so!

b) Puzzles are a fantastic way of keeping the children entertained for hours. The great thing
about puzzles is that they can be done again and again! Alternatively,if your children really
like the final picture, then why not let them glue it together so that they can have it on the walls
in their bedroom?

c) While you don’t want the kids glued to the television for the entirety of the summer holidays,
giving them the chance to play on any consoles you may have will allow you to have a little bit
of peace and quiet - and the kids will love it too!

d) Giving the kids a project to complete over the six weeks will keep them busy for a little time each
day. Things like planting their very own fruit or vegetable to grow and take care of will give them

a task and responsibility each day. The more projects you can come up with, the better

While you’re going to be spending a lot of your time soaking in the memories of your children
playing and growing, it’s important to give yourself some me-time every now and again. It’s
understandable that you can’t just up and leave, but there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself
to a coffee subscription from two chimps coffee roasters so that you’re able to have five minutes
peace from time to time. Allowing yourself to have a little time away from the chaos will give you
the chance to keep your composure and deal with each day with a level head.

Yummy food

As we mentioned earlier, kids LOVE food. No matter how many breakfasts, brunch, lunch and
dinners they’ve had, there will always be more room for food. This can quickly lead to you wondering
whether you’re going to ever fill their tummies. Why not take this chance to bake some delicious
treats with the children for all of you to enjoy? Kids love nothing more than getting their hands dirty,
and what better way than with delicious goodies to lick off your fingers!


While your children need their six week break to relax and regenerate from a long year at school,
it’s also important to keep their brains active so that they can thrive when it comes to returning to
their new school year. You can often find activity books for all kinds of ages that can help keep their
mind sharp and also teach them valuable skills and knowledge. Shops such as WHSmith will sell
these kinds of work books, so consider buying them a book to work through during the summer holidays!

Fresh air

Finally, if you’ve been enjoying the heatwave that we’ve had so far this summer, then you’ll
know all too well that it’s not fair to keep the children (or yourself) cooped up inside all day.
Why not buy yourselves a paddling pool for the garden and cool off in style? Super soakers are
fairly cheap to pick up these days, so have some fun with the children with a good old water fight in
the backyard. The more fresh air, the better everybody will sleep at night!

This is a collaborative post.

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