Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Taking Good Care of Your Dog on a Budget

Our dogs become part of the family and give us much love and loyalty. However, if money
gets tight it can be a struggle to pay for everything they need, but it would be
like giving one of the children away to get rid of your dog. Ways need to be found to keep the
costs as low as possible, and here are just a few suggestions.

Learn The Basic Care

On area that money could be saved is in the grooming of your dog.
Brush their fur on a regular basis and clean their teeth a couple of times a week.
Keep an eye on their paws to make sure they look healthy and speak to your vet
about how to trim their nails, and how long the nails should be before you do.

Taking your furry friend to be groomed can add quite a lot to the expense
of caring for them, and learning how to do it yourself could help to strengthen the
bond between you.

Shop Around

The easiest way to shop around these days is to look at comparison sites like this site.  
You should certainly do this for things such as dog insurance, as the premiums can
vary greatly for the same cover. Just make sure you know in detail what cover you are
getting, as they do not all pay out for the same things. We were very grateful for our pet insurance with
wee Lilly dog as it gave us the peace of mind we had done everything we could for her.

You should do the same to find a good vet as well. Their fees can be a lot of money
if you do not have the appropriate insurance, and you need to make sure you keep
their costs down.

Be Clever About Food

You need your pet to have a healthy diet, or you could end up with vet bills later on.
Look out for special deals in the supermarkets and pet stores, and buy the larger packs
if you can. You can get some really good discounts if bags of food are approaching their
expiry date, or if a particular brand is being discontinued.

There are some human foods you can give them if you have some left over, but
it cannot be stressed enough how careful you have to be. Onions are not good for them
and nor are grapes, raisins, chocolate, garlic, milk and other dairy products,
salty foods, citrus fruits, alcohol and several other things. It might be tempting to share
your treat with them, but you could be doing them more harm than good.

Try To Avoid Accidents

Apart from the fact you really do not want your dog to be injured, you need to
avoid accidents because of the cost of treatment. Make sure your garden is safe and
they cannot escape, and when you do take them out always have them on a lead.
No matter how well trained a dog is, if they see a potential playmate across the road, they are
likely to run without giving a thought to any traffic.

Keeping your dog in the family need not cost the earth, you just have to be careful about
what you spend the money on. For example, a dog would be just as happy playing
with an old ball as they would be with an expensive new toy.

This is a collaborative post.

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