Friday, 28 December 2018

Do's and Don'ts of Tyre Care for Driving in Basingstoke

There are all sorts of problems that motorists face in and around Basingstoke which impact on their cars' tyres. First of all, the number of potholes and raised ironworks you see on the road seems to go up every month. Running over these causes damage to the rubber in your tyres and can lead to premature ageing. Then, there are the many speed bumps that you see around the town. Basingstoke certainly seems to have more than its fair share! These, too, knock air out of your tyres leaving them deflated. Of course, the occasional broken glass in the town centre can also cause damage to tyres if you fail to spot shards on the road ahead of you. 

What should you do to avoid problems with your tyres and what can you refrain from doing to keep them lasting as long as possible? 

Firstly, you should keep your tyres properly inflated. If the rigours your tyres go through driving around Basingstoke are anything like average, then keeping them pumped up will be beneficial. This is because partially deflated tyres from bumps in the road wear down quicker because more of the rubber spreads out onto the tarmac, thererby offering greater levels of friction. 

Secondly, you should inspect your tyres for any side bulges that appear. This can occur for a number of reasons, including exposure to lots of direct sunlight, often a problem if you park on the street. Sidewall bulges mean that your tyre is about to blowout and you should exchange any that have them. Get your tyres in the Basingstoke area now from Point S where you can reserve the ones you want online before turning up, saving you time. 

Something you should avoid doing is driving too close to the car in front. Even in the slow moving traffic you get making your way into Basingstoke's town centre, leave a gap so you can see the road ahead. Without so doing, you are more liable to drive over things that will damage your tyres, such as nails and sharp twigs. 

Finally, avoid braking with excessive force. Instead, use your brake gently and progressively. If you adjust your driving style in this way, then the tread on your tyres will last much longer. It is a good tip no matter where you live but especially in southern England where there is so much traffic.

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