Saturday, 29 December 2018

Project 365 week 52


Another full day at work. Forgot to take my glasses so did not manage any sewing but did some colouring instead. The moon was stunning tonight. Driving home I wish it would have turned off it's full beam it was very bright. Time I got to the village it was seriously foggy and the moon looked stunning with circles of many colours round it. Phone camera would not do it justice so never bothered taking pictures.
I did spot these on the hospital notice board and loved the thought that had been out into them.


A freezing day. Had to send my auto defroster out for the car. It did not thaw off where the sun had not shone. Sharing this rather than another boring fishery reflection picture.


Christmas Day, again we have decided to volunteer our time and I helped to serve food while hubby spent the whole time up to his elbows in dirty dish water.
By some sheer million to one coincidence as we parked up at the venue there was a taxi dropping off clients for the event. The taxi driver came across and spoke to us,he had traded in the car we are now driving. He thinks he may have roof bars for it and is going to phone us if he finds them.
I bought this top yesterday. I wanted something that was nice but screamed CHRISTMAS in your face when you saw it.Think I succeeded in finding just that.I got a lot of compliments on it. It is now washed and ready to go into the loft with the other Christmas jumpers, t-shirts etc until next year.


Today we did Christmas in our house. As is usual we open presents, have something to eat, just snack food they can pick at, then spend time playing with the younger ones games. Then once the younger ones had been dropped back off we played games with the older children.

You can read more detail on our fun packed days here. 


First decent walk I have had time for in way to long. So we went along to Failford and were out for over two hours. Bumped into a friend we have not seen in way to long and it was lovely to catch up with his life.


I went today to buy some black bun as I really like the stuff. Hubby has Christmas cake that his sister made and her husband decorates every year. I only eat the marzipan and it seems such a waste. The cake looks amazing.


It has taken me what seems forever to get the first picture cross stitched onto the baby blanket.


  1. That's certainly not a subtle dress! I'm with you on Christmas cake. N and the OH love it - they usually eat one that Granny makes. But I'm a marzipan lover only

    1. The dress fitted the theme of the day very well.

  2. Lovely Christmas cards for the hospital staff, and a heartfelt message inside. How kind of you to volunteer on Christmas day. Your new festive top made me smile, that one is definitely screaming Christmas. What is the black bun? The cake looks beautiful, and your cross stitch is so pretty too. Happy new year, Elaine!

  3. The baby blanket is looking good. How random to see the previous car owner, hope he does come up trumps #365

    1. would be handy to get roof bars, I would then consider a bike.

  4. Aww! Those Christmas cards are so sweet. How kind!
    I love your Christmas dress. I was tempted to buy a similar one.
    You've just reminded me that I have a Christmas cake in the cupboard. Yum! Yum!
    Fab photos!
    Happy new year and wishing you all the best for 2019 x

  5. I love that you volunteer on Christmas Day and your dress is brilliant! Those cards from the school are lovely. It looks like everyone had a brilliant time on the delayed Christmas.
    Happy new year to you all!

  6. fantastic decorating skills with the cake. i love the sound of your christmas, just snack food and family time, so much less stressful and well done on volunteering on christmas day to help others, love the dress, what did the hubby wear?

  7. You are amazing for volunteer on Christmas Day. I love the dress too. Looks like everyone has had a great time with your delayed Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful new year x

  8. Sounds like you had a good christmas! Those cards to the hospital are so nice and it is really kind of you to give up your Christmas day to volunteer. That cake looks nice!

  9. The ice picture makes me feel cold! The cake decoration is fab, almost a shame to eat it! #project365


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