Saturday, 22 December 2018

Project 365 week 51

Well nearly another year done. Considering I toyed with giving up on my blog this time last year then I have done all right. Been a busy old week with one thing and another. Don't seem to have had five minutes to myself.

This week has been going back to the title of my blog.....having fun as a gran as you will see.


I would rather give the grandchildren experiences rather than physical presents. We all get so much more out of it than something they might put in a cupboard in their room and never use. So today Fifi, Bob and I went to the pantomime. We saw Aladdin at the Gaiety in Ayr.  Have to say one of the best pantos I have seen in a few years. A lot of audience participation, lots of bits of adlibing and cast members to busy laughing to carry on. As is usual no photos allowed of panto so this was before it started.


Hubby has a very daft sense of humour at times. DD2 takes after me and cannot stand a clock ticking especially at night. So whenever she comes down she either sticks the clock under a pile of clothes in a drawer or takes the batter out. So hubby wrote a poem to the demise of the clock and hung this on the wall where the clock use to be.

Spotted a single bed frame for sale locally so went and picked it up this evening. We got a brand new mattress a few weeks back so now have a single bed for the back bedroom. Just need to buy a bed guard for it now.


Spotted this little squirrel out in the garden when visiting a friend. This picture was taken from upstairs so not the bet angle.


I have been collecting for a local food bank for two weeks and between local people in the village and the elderly residents in a complex I do holiday relief cleaning in I handed in over £200 worth or food and toiletries. A great success in my book. This was the local contributions.

We went and did some food shopping after tea tonight as was running out of certain things and knew it would not get done till Monday if not, and I AM NOT going shopping on Christmas Eve for my normal monthly shop.


A full on day for me. I was invited to past one of a bike maintenance course. I need to do this and a few other courses  do be allowed to lead bike rides. We are hoping to get bikes in the village and do volunteer led bike rides round a few suitable routes round the village. These courses will also double up to allow me to do bike leader with The Active Travel hub as well. Will also allow me to go into the school and help with bike ability.

Finished the course and then home to get changed, pick Bob up and into the town to pick up Fifi and meet up with Auntie H and our friend Sam for our annual family and friends colouring competition. Held this in our local 'Spoons and got the duty manager to pick the winner. This year it was hubby's turn to win so the cup was passed from Auntie H and is our responsibility to look after (and dust it) for the next year.


I was lucky enough to win 4 tickets to see Mr Poppers Penguins at the SEC in Glasgow. So I decided this would be great to take the twins to see. I just feel a panto is to long for them for another year or two. The also go with the school to a shortened version. Spud is not quite three yet and so still to young for this sort of thing. So I took one of the twins friends with me, I had room in the car so decided it was better than wasting the ticket. I decided to make more of a treat of it and took them to McD's as well. They never get to go there as Bob cannot eat there. Minky has gone on about the show, Dinky's best bit was McD's. We had great seats and they three of them really enjoyed their day out.
I did notice that McD's have changed to paper straws ( as had 'Spoons) but do other people not find that a) they go soggy to quickly and b) the fizzy juice bubbles back up them.

Have promised Spud a trip to McD's followed by park as she howled because I did not take her today with me.


This is the last of my foraged fruits out of the freezer. Going to have to go back to buying fruit now. Took up a lot of freezer space at the time but well worth every penny.


  1. Sounds like a lovely couple of theatre trips. I'm the same with batteries, if I stay at Mums, the clock has to be taken out of my bedroom. Well done on the food bank collections, wonderful effort #365

  2. I always love reading about your annual colouring competition! It seems to come round very quickly every year. The poem about the clock made me laugh. You did brilliantly with your food bank collection.

  3. Glad that you decided to keep on writing your blog. This year I also have been questioning whether to go on with my blog, as at times it feels totally pointless.
    The panto trip sounds lovely. I'm with you on the clock, can't sleep with a ticking clock in the room. The poem made me chuckle. Fantastic contribution to the food bank! Merry Christmas, Elaine!

  4. Well done with the food bank donations, excellent work. I'm the same with a ticking clock, batteries out, I can't sleep and if i do nod off it'll wake me up

  5. Nice that you were able to treat them to the show at the SEC. N got a clock from Santa, and is already annoyed by the ticking. Not sure how long it'll last, but I'm hoping it'll end up just background noise for him

  6. I do love reading about your colouring competition, sounds such fun. The trip to the SEC looks fun. The food bank donations are amazing, well done. Hope you’ve had a great Christmas x

  7. I can't sleep without a clock ticking! What a great gesture for the food bank at this time of year #project365


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