Friday, 8 March 2019

Introducing Jenna Grace - oops a few weeks late

Right this is going to seem bizarre putting this up now but looking through my blog for something I realised this post was still in draft mode and had not been published - guess my brain was to busy doing other things at the time.

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce Jenna Grace, to be known on the blog as Roo.

DD2 was admitted to hospital a few days ago after having a show and a few contractions. Baby's heart rate has dropped a few times and so they have decided to keep her in to be on the safe side. As they already had a date for a C Section then nothing was going to be done before that unless either her labour starts fully on the baby gets too distressed. But nothing happened and she was born by C Section on the day they were booked in for.

Jenna was born on Jan 15th weighing a healthy 8lb 12 oz. Everybody doing as well as can be expected.

in hospital

Jenna and I

Ziggy stroking her goodbye, did not want to give her a kiss

Granddad gets a hold

We did not go up and visit on the day she was born but daddy took Ziggy up to meet her little sister. So far she does not seem overly interested in her but that will change.

We went up to visit on the Wednesday afternoon with SIL2's family going up later on in the afternoon.

They all came home on the Thursday and Bob and Fifi came round for a visit.

Roo and I snuggling

cuddles for her new sister

with Bob

snuggles from daddy after a rough night 

DD1 looks a bit scared of

with granddad

in her cot.

Sorry this has taken so long, no excuse really. So guess my word of the week has to be late...or is that scatty brained?? Anyway better late than never. 


  1. Aww! She is a little beauty. Lovely photos.
    hehehe! Your DD1 does look pretty scared of her. I am terrified of holding other peoples babies. lol x

  2. Congratulations, she's gorgeous. How lovely for you all, and as you are late I bet she's changed lots already! Thanks for linking up to #wotw and sharing your adorable grand daughter with me xx

  3. Congratulations she's beautiful, you look like one proud grandma in the photo's x

  4. How lovely. Everyone looks so pleased to welcome her into the world. Absolutely beautiful and such a sweet name. Congrats! #wotw

  5. Oh my goodness, she is gorgeous and so much hair! Congratulations to you all. #wotw

  6. Aww little baby Roo is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to you all. I love the photo of Ziggy holding her x #WotW

  7. Aw congratulations she is adorable and thank goodness mother and baby are both well x


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