Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover?

The bathroom is arguably the most important room in the home. It’s likely the first room that you’ll enter in the morning, the last room that you’ll use in the evening and sometimes, when you have guests in your home it's more than likely they at some point will need a visit. If like us you purchased your house and are not keen on the layout of design then it is not as easy to change as the wall paper in your bedroom or the colour of the paint on the walls going up the stairs.
It is important that the bathroom looks up-to-date and is kept looking fresh for years to come, but just who should be tasked with doing this? Should you attempt this tricky and difficult task yourself or should you hire a professional bathroom fitter such as Harrogate Bathrooms Centre? 

Let's take a look at the task of carrying out a complete bathroom makeover. Whole bathroom refurbishments take a lot of time, especially for a DIY one-man band. so why not save the time and stress, concentrate on the more important things in life and let an expert fitter do it instead ? Generally it is all they do and have spent many years in the business of planning and installing bathrooms so it is likely that they’ll be able to finish the job in almost half the time. This is particularly important if you are like us and only have one bathroom, you can’t be left without a shower/toilet for weeks on end!

Some people might argue that it’s cheaper to order the bathroom materials yourself online and then hire a local builder to fit it instead, However there are many pitfalls and problems that could arise by taking that particular route. Most importantly you would have to be pretty certain that they were very capable and indeed for that matter have the necessary skills to carry out the often and difficult job of all the electrical and plumbing work after all the last thing you need is for your shower to leak or even give you an electric shock !

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Builders may also miss some of the more important finer details after all they will most likely only have your idea as to how the finished job should/would look, It is unlikely they would carry out the design and planning stages for you/ It is also likely they will expect you to source all the many materials and have them delivered on time and indeed make sure everything needed is supplied and nothing is missing, for instance materials might arrive damaged and therefore it will be down to you to source the replacements whilst having the expense of tradesmen standing around and achieving nothing. Professional bathroom fitters such as can design and plan the finished look to your satisfaction, source all of the parts on your behalf and then deal with them if they’re damaged or faulty, They will take care of the finer details and have a team of specialists in place meaning only one team of people ensuring that the job runs on time and is carried out to a high standard as you would expect.

So there we have it the most sensible way to have your bathroom made over to a very high standard is not to do it yourself, get the professionals in, after all you know you are worth it.

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  1. We are not a very diy family, so I'd agree and get someone in to do it xx


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