Saturday, 20 April 2019

Project 365 week 16

Been in general another nice week here weather wise with lots of out and about.
A birthday gives us another teenager in the family.
Hubby has been making a huge effort with his diet since his last diabetic review and his moods are vastly improved with much less exploding over nothing.Much more the man I married all those years ago. A win win all round.


Something different to take to work and do in my break. DD2 bought this for me to do. Not as big as it looked in the picture. Been a long while since I have made a latch hook item.


Somebody locally was giving away a brand new unused space saver tyre and wheel that will fit our car, so another friend took it in and we went down to pick it up. Walked the dog round the beach park at the same time.
Did take a few other pictures focusing on the buds but liked this one with the sun setting in the back ground.


Had hoped for another walk today but it rained, and rained and rained, so I stayed in and knitted.
Made Bob's cake for tomorrow.
Cannot get the colours to come out right on this. The bottom half is actually a nice lime green colour, very similar to the colour in the multi stripe, not a muddy sort of green.


Went for a walk when I had finished in the town. Walked through one of the local golf courses, round the main road and back again.
Home to decorate Bob's cake and take it down. Thirteen today, time has flown. The butter icing was suppose to be bright purple and despite putting in the whole tube it just went a muddier shade of muddy brown with every squirt I added. Never worked with the Koko spread before so it may have been that. But it tasted fine and he was happy with it. Think he just takes pity on an old woman!!


Had an occupation health appointment for my hands, filled in a form about six months ago and eventually got to the top of the queue. But my hands are vastly improved so nothing much needing done.
Did mention my ongoing issues with the throat, ears and asthma but that is not her area of speciality so need to phone and make an appointment.
Before my appointment I went on the monthly ladies cycle ride. 6.88 miles up and down hills. There was only three of us, the leader and two participants.But small numbers make for easier conversations as you cycle. Was a lovely afternoon for it.

Hubby has been painting the sheds over the last week as he does every Spring. Job ground to a halt until we go and buy more paint next week.


DD3 has the day off as it is a bank holiday so she asked if I wanted to meet up. Makes a change to be able to spend time with her. The roads were very busy driving in with a lot of caravans on the road, all flocking to the coast for a holiday.
We wandered the shops, buying next to nothing and raked the charity shops as well. Bought a couple of knitting patterns and had a look in a wool shop at all the very nice wools. Will go back and buy some to make Christmas pressies for the grandchildren.
Wandered back to DD3's house via the beach and parks. The beach was very busy. Did over 7 miles in total.

bank holiday

Wandered down and watched the three wee ones while DD1 went and picked Bob up from gymnastics, popped them in the bath and we had lots of laughs while they played silly.


Managed to burst the 500 miles this week. Sitting at 524 miles . Not bad in 14 weeks I have been doing it with three of those weeks out of action. My map is filling up nicely.

Not quite sure why but I cannot get my fitbit account and my map my walk to sync with each other so my fitbit does not show my bike rides.

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  1. Well done your hubby with his diet. It sounds like it's making everyone happier.
    Happy birthday to Bob! I hope he had a fab day!
    It sounds like you had a fab afternoon cycling!
    Well done with the walking! You are going to get way over the 1000 in 2019 x

    1. I am aiming for 2000 miles now, especially with the light nights and better weather coming in

  2. Hope Bob enjoyed his birthday and well done to your hubby with his diet #365

    1. He had a great birthday and loved his cake.

  3. Sounds like your husband's diet is working wonders, great result. Happy belated birthday to Bob! The cake looks good, even if the icing didn't turn purple.
    I don't know much about latch hook, will google to see what it is really. Big well done on 500+ miles! Happy Easter to you all!

    1. You should it is very simple to do especially with some kits having the design on the base mat you use.

  4. Glad the diet is working for your husband. I hope Bob enjoyed his cake. You have been busy crafting this week.

    1. love my crafting, it is my relaxation, and as stresses are going on around me it is my get out.

  5. Well done on making it to over 500 miles already! It sounds like a very active week. Happy birthday to Bob. That's good news about your husband and the diet.

    1. Nice that hubby has made the effort and is paying off all round

  6. How lovely DD3 lives within a walk of the beach, saves the stress with trying to park when you have lovely weather. I'm loving the cardi's you're knitting for the prem unit. happy 13th Bday Bob can't help laugh when you said you think he just humours you, my kids do that already

  7. yes kids and grandkids learn to humour us old folk. Have to say we usually avoid the beach in Summer season, much better in the out of season months

  8. It's always interesting to rake over charity shops for treasures and start projects for Christmas. Have you heard of Rudolph Day? #365

  9. I made a latch hook rug when I was pregnant it was very satisfying! Happy 13th, I have had the same problem with icing before I think it was orange, I just couldn't get it to go the right colour. I put so much in that you could actually taste it! Well done on the 524 miles thats amazing at this rate you will do nearer 2000 this year! xx

  10. Happy belated 13th birthday! Glad your hubby has been making an effort with the diet and that has improved things. Well done on the 500 miles!

  11. I don't blame you heading to the beach for the mini heatwave we had at Easter (not so warm now!) Ooh I haven't done latch hook for years, feeling tempted as always by your crafting #project365

  12. Well done to your hubby with his diet. That is fab. It sounds like it's making everyone happier. Happy birthday to Bob, hope he had a great day. The cycling sounds fun xx


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