Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Three Ways to Celebrate in Style!

As wonderful as life can be, a lot of the time it’s pretty mundane. The ‘work, eat, sleep, repeat’ cycle isn’t always the most exciting, but routine allows us to get things done and fulfil our commitments. For this reason, when there’s an occasion to celebrate in life- it’s well worth taking it! Whether you’re celebrating success, a birthday, an anniversary or something else exciting it’s these special moments that we look back on in life and smile. So if you have an event coming up that you’d like to make memorable, here are some ideas for going about it!

Throw a party at home
Throwing a party or having some kind of get together at home often makes sense. It can be done on a budget, you’re in comfortable surroundings and there’s no having to make your way to another location. If it’s in the summer you could throw a barbeque, afternoon tea of picnic in the garden. Otherwise, a cocktail party or dinner party are good options. Go potluck style if you want to keep costs down and ask guests to each bring a dish that you can all share around! Food, drinks and good conversation always make for a memorable occasion, you could purchase some lawn games or even hire an entertainer like a magician or tarot card reader depending on the kind of vibe you want your party to have.

Book a venue
If it’s more of a formal occasion you’re celebrating, or there will be more guests (making a party at home unsuitable) you always have the option of hiring a venue. . You could make your own food, hire caterers or see what food choices the venue offers. SIL3 turns 30 in a few weeks time and there will be a lot of family and friends there so they have chosen a local eatery in which to celebrate. If there’s a bar you don’t need to worry about providing drinks, and you can decorate it with balloons and banners to make it personal. Make the night extra special by hiring some musicians, bands like HipsterOnline.co.uk specialise in parties and special occasions and will know how to get the crowd excited and get everyone up and dancing! If you and your loved ones are scattered around the country, you could choose a venue central to you all to make it easier for everyone to attend.

Celebrate abroad
Whether it’s an engagement, wedding, birthday or Christmas- why not celebrate abroad?! Having a stunning cityscape background or gorgeous natural views like beaches or mountains could make everything extra special. You could dine out, go to bars or even on a party boat depending on your preferences! If you want to do something a little different then this could be the way to go! Have a look online and find out what kind of things there are to do in your destination. Things like helicopter and hot air balloon rides for example could be the perfect way to highlight your trip.

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