Saturday, 27 April 2019

Stay In Your Prime For Longer With A Passion For Fitness

We’re all getting older, all feeling the effects of time in the way of surprising new aches and pains.
However, ageing gracefully doesn’t just mean accepting it.
The more active we are, the longer we can enjoy more of what we love to do,
to put it simply. But how do you keep that passion for fitness past your 40s?
Your 50s? Even your 60s and beyond?

Start at your own pace
Are you a complete beginner? Or perhaps it’s simply been a while since you got yourself into gear?
If that’s the case, don’t throw yourself into it all at once. Start with a simple beginner’s guide
that can ease you gently into a more active lifestyle.
The aim is incremental improvement. As your body gets more used to exercise, you can
try out more demanding exercises but if you push yourself too hard, too quickly,
it’s an easy way to end up your injuring yourself which can put an early halt to your progress.
Put the work in everyday
At the start, it doesn’t matter how hard you’re pushing yourself, just that you’re putting in the work
to ensure your continual improvement. It can be much easier to track your activity and
your progress with the help of some wearable health technology. You can have your steps
counted for you, see how many calories you’ve burned, and generate workouts that get
increasingly more demanding as your body gets more and more used to exercise.
This makes it much easier to ensure you’re not caught in a routine that isn’t progressing
and helps you stay consistent in your efforts. I have to say I love my technology as it lets me see
not only my step count but I my active minutes interesting.
Today's shift at work was 19.178 steps with 319 active minutes so activities do not always
have to be hard to do and can for some fit into your working day.
Consider making a side-gig out of it
There’s no age limit to who can make a little money out of a passion for fitness. Whether you
end up running a group exercise at the gym, teach newbies how to do yoga,
or earn your diploma in personal training, there are plenty of ways to keep active in your later years
while making a little extra from it. If you develop the know-how and dedication you need,
you can make money by helping others your age and older see that they, too, can make
major changes to their health habits and well being.
Pass it along
You don’t have to be a professional to be an advocate for fitness and pass along your
passion and enthusiasm for your exercise. You can, for instance, volunteer,
whether it’s leading free classes or taking groups out on bike rides. Don’t forget
the impact you can make on your own family as well. Making healthy meals for your kids and
grandkids and encouraging them to join you on active days out can help you
influence their own habits. The earlier you build those habits, the easier they are to stick to,
after all.
While nothing lasts forever, a passion for exercise and fitness can make sure
that it at least lasts a lot longer. Don’t age peacefully, get up and fight for the vitality
that can keep like much happier for years to come.

This is a collaborative post.

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