Saturday, 27 April 2019

Project 365 week 17


A double shift at work. The lovely lady I call DD4 brought an Easter pressie for Dixie dog and a wee Mother's Day present for me. Dog was not impressed but I liked it.


Was rather a warm day so to hot to take the dog out during the day so we went for a walk round the fishery just before sunset. Monday is my lazy day after a busy mile packed weekend at work anyway so was nice it was to hot, great excuse not to go much further.  Hubby had walked her in the morning before it got to warm. He really is adding in the miles to go with the nearly sugar free diet.

Sorry folks but it is sunset reflection time of year at the fishery.


A walk down the woods with the dog late afternoon. The woods are looking lovely with the bluebells out.

Had a parcel coming between 6.30 and 7.30 so needed to be back by then.My parcel was for some blogging goodies.

I had a Clean up Tarbolton woods committee meeting, We discussed ways to get extra funding and planned some dates for fun days and the AGM.

Finished another set for the SCBU.


Today was payday and I wanted to do some bits and pieces of shopping . But annoyingly it did not happen thanks to somebody else.

Did manage to buy some wool ready to start knitting for the grandchildren's Christmas pressies. These were the bright colours chosen on behalf of Minky (orange, red and blue)  Dinky ( pink, purple and glittery) and Spud( green blue and yellow)  as had not heard back from DD2 at this point on colours for her two. Plenty of time still. .


Dog and I went for a 2.5 walk up the back road while hubby went and weeded DD3's garden for her. Sorted out some knitting patterns to start making items for the grandchildren for Christmas. Might seem a long way away but there is a lot of them to knit for.Started one for Spud first. If it is to big it will fit Dinky, if to small will fit Ziggy so a good size to start with.

Robert Burns

The village is on the hill in the distance. 

Nipped to Irvine to do some shopping. Walked the dog, she got less than a mile before the rain started. The rain battered down with thunder and lightning while we were in the supermarket so there was no addition to the walk afterwards. Got a home shopping delivery at 9.30pm of heavy bulky stuff.


A morning spent in the kitchen, pot of soup made, cheesy turnip potatoes ready to reheat for tea tomorrow night and veg prepared to go with the roast chicken for tea tonight. Down to watch the three wee ones while DD1 took Bob to gymnastics. Home to put tea on and then a walk round the fishery while tea was cooking.

Here is the set I finished earlier in the week. Sticking to the same cardigan pattern as I like it but used a multi coloured wool that DD3 bought.

Another blogging parcel turned up today.


Many years back our first dog, known as Shorty, dug up a baby ever green tree when we were out for a walk. I brought it home and it is still growing away merrily. Did one for Lilly dog though last year it looked like it was dying. One was also got for Dipsy cat, and when we were at Loch Doon last week I picked one up for Dixie dog, has become a tradition so seemed the right thing to do.

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  1. I love all the photos with Dixie. She looks very cute in her Easter present. hehehe
    What pretty coloured wool. I can't wait to see what you make!
    The baby clothes are just adorable. I love the latest set you made.
    The tradition of the tree's is just lovely! x

  2. I love your little trees and that latest set of baby clothes is adorable. The photos of the fishery and the bluebell woods are beautiful.

  3. I love Dixie the Easter Dog!!! The bluebells are stunning this year aren't they #365

  4. That's a lovely touch with the trees. The wool looks exciting, what are you planning on knitting for christmas? I have loads of dressing up clothes for Bob makes for interesting posts online

  5. It's funny to be talking about Christmas so early in the year. Projects and bargain hunting though is on going. #365

  6. Dixie is the star of this week! I can see why she wasn't keen on the outfit, it is a but ridiculous. :) The sunset at the fishery is beautiful, and so are the bluebells.
    The cute cardi will be much appreciated. When Eddie was born, a couple of friends knitted cardis and a blanket for him, and I was so grateful to them. I passed on the cardis to the other friends later but do keep the blanket.

  7. Love the Easter prezzie for Dixie! Love the picture of Dixie in the bluebells! Should try to find somewhere here to take pics in the bluebells! Love the bright colours of the wool and that set is so cute!

  8. I like the idea of the dog trees - Dixie doesn't look happy though in her costume. I've been enjoying the bluebells this week too.

  9. The knitted set is so lovely, the different colours in the wool she chose is so pretty. I hope the starting of the Christmas presents goes well and the sizing works out okay. The new dog outfit is great!!

  10. Such lovely photos. I just love seeing how much Dixie has come on. Your knitting is amazing. I wish I could knit. My mum is a good knitter xx

  11. Sunset on the water is a stunning pic! Impressed by your wooly creations! #project365


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