Saturday, 31 August 2019

Project 365 Week 35

Been a nice peaceful week with friend being away so no stress of arguments over fitting him into my time schedule.
Been a medical week again.


The wall that supports are driveway,was rebuilt last year as it had crumbled, but the budget was not there to do the top rend coat. This was leading to the undercoat getting damp and falling off the wall as it was not designed to be left exposed, so finally got round to getting it done before this winter.
Spent quite a bit of the day at work coughing, and this is the first time I have ever needed to use my blue inhaler at work.


Joined in with the organised ebike ride, these are running until end of November. Found I was doing a lot of coughing and needed my inhaler twice during the ride, but apart from that it was a fun 7 miles. Not the longest ride but it is a learning curve for some of the people as there tends to be a new face or two most weeks and it is about confidence building and how to handle an ebike not the distance we cover. We cannot go much further without crossing a very busy main road that is on a steep hill and a sharp bend and involves walking the bikes across and not everybody is comfortable with that.
Took a picture on one of the other cyclists phones for them of her and her hubby with Greenan Castle in the background. This was their first time on ebikes and they loved them as well.
The view from up near the castle where we stopped for a few minutes.


Phoned this morning for a GP appointment as have a horrible rattling when I breath. It hurts to breath so something is going on. Love how they generally always have appointments available at such short notice.  Have rattling in my left lung again, same place as the last time. A course of antibiotics and steroids to hopefully stop it in its tracks.

A baby set for the SCBU and two hats for Angel babies.


The joy of steroids on the system, went to bed just after midnight and got back up at 2am, as no way was I going to get to sleep between the coughing and the affect they have on the body. Sat and knitted and found Chicago Med to watch on Sky Box Sets.Not exciting but watchable while half brain dead.

In to get bloods taken first thing to see if there is anything underlying causing the cramps. I go for months without going anywhere near the GP and then all at once three visits on 7 days.
Cancelled the ebike ride for tonight as no way I could have coped with it, but booked in for next weeks.
Did manage an hours sleep this afternoon.

In keeping with a health theme the dog got her monthly flea and tick drops.


Managed to get 6 hrs sleep overnight, much more than I expected, just up once at 2am.  Up just before 6am and doing a mass blog comment session. Starting coughing to much when I tried to go back to bed so did not bother.
Went and did a small food shop and a few new t shirts and a light weight jacket for hubby. Walked the dog round the beach park in Irvine, it was dry but very very windy.
Made a turkey mince meatloaf for tea and cooked the rest up for Saturday night.
Spotted this and love the colours.


Bob is back at gymnastics now the schools are back. So took the three wee ones their jumpers down while I was going. Lots of giggles and cuddles while I was there. The two girls moved seats at the table as they both wanted to sit next to Grandma while they ate their tea.
Think it may be a while before they grow into them. Will knit the next ones one size smaller for them. They liked them so that was the main thing.

Results of the blood tests this afternoon. Slight decrease in potassium level but nothing else showed. To redo that in case it was a blip. Asked about my lifestyle and suggested I cut back on some of my activity as it will not be helping. Then tells me my cholesterol levels are slightly raised, not enough to need medication but suggests more exercise, guess I can't win on this one,  and a Mediterranean diet will help.......sadly when you cannot eat raw fruit and veg and some nuts then this is not an alternative for me. My HDL ( good cholesterol) is better than last years tests as are my triglycerides so something is going right.   Going to refer me to see the dietitian see if she can advise me.
Going to give me quinine to see if it will help the cramps. 


Just my shift at work, came home and decided to knit and listen to an audio book for a couple of hours and let hubby make tea, well he would if I was at work and most of it was just reheating.

Decided after getting soaked last week I needed to invest in a good quality lightweight jacket suitable for cycling. So this one fits the bill, nice and fluorescent yellow to be seen easily and the silver colour is reflective so will stick out well on the road.

The top pic is without a flash, the bottom one with so you can see the difference.

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  1. I hope the coughing eases up soon. You are a bit in the wars health wise at the moment - it must be frustrating when you work hard at exercise and diet. That jacket looks so different with the flash.

  2. I'm glad you have had a peaceful week.
    The wall looks fab and the bike rides sound like fun.
    I love the kids jumpers!
    I hope you feel better soon. The suggestions from the doctor is not a great help. Cut back on activity but get more exercise. Madness!
    Oh wow! That jacket really will help you be seen. x

  3. Beautiful scenery while biking, and a gorgeous orchid. All my orchids are resting at the moment, not a single flower in sight. Hope the steroids have helped with the rattling breath. The colourful jumpers are very pretty, and the models wearing them are all little beauties.

  4. I hope you feel better soon. What condition do you have? The scenery looks lovely.
    I had to search what ebike is because that's the first that I've heard about it. You grandkids look simply adorable in their jumpers :D

  5. That looks like a different jacket to me in the two photos. Good job with the drive way, looks really smart. Sorry to hear about your cough. Go figure with the Doctor, less exercise, more exercise, what did you decide on?

  6. I hope you feel better soon, that is not good. That driveway looks fab. I do love orchids they are beautiful colours. The jumpers are fab x

  7. Hope the coughing is better now, and that dietician can help you. The wall looks very smoart #365

  8. Sorry to hear you have been in and out of the doctors. I hope you are feeling better and the medication has helped. Love the kiddies in their jumpers of course they will like them as Grandma knitted them! Good idea on the jacket it sounds like you are building a lovely little community with the ebikes x

  9. Sorry to hear you hadn't been feeling well with the cough. Hope you are better now.

    That jacket looks pretty cool..perfect for the wet and dark winters.

    Orchids are my favourite.

  10. Do you have oral allergy syndrome? Is that why you avoid raw fruits etc? I have that but luckily haven't passed it on to my kids. Hope you are all better now #project365


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