Tuesday, 29 October 2019

6 Benefits Of An Electric Wheelchair

Perhaps you’ve been looking to update your manual wheelchair to an electric one?
Or else, you’re offering advice to someone who is? Manual wheelchairs can be great
low maintenance options; you don’t need to think about batteries or a source of power.
Having said this, there are plenty more benefits of upgrading to an electric wheelchair. 

Improved mobility 

Electric wheelchairs offer improved mobility because less strength is required to propel
your chair. Due to the small motors, it’s far easier to move the chair even if your upper
body mobility is more limited. With no need to manually move or steer the chair, you’ll use
a joystick that can make all these movements for you. 

Improve Independence 

Due to the improved mobility, users of an electric wheelchair can gain more independence,
. They’ll be no more having to rely on others to propel your chair, nor having to take a break
from moving yourself due to fatigue. Advances in technology allow us to find solutions that
enhance our lifestyles, and for a wheelchair user, added independence is an excellent

Change the height 

You’ll likely be aware that manual chairs are fixed at a set height. With most
electric wheelchairs, you’ll have a button that is capable of changing and adjusting
the height of your chair whenever you like. Such solutions are useful when shopping
or dining and needing to reach a certain height, for example. 

Outdoor use 

Generally speaking, electric wheelchairs are better at moving over outdoor terrain. There
might be an incline or bump that a manual chair just couldn’t ride over. Chairs with motors
can help to propel you forward if a certain road is set on a slight hill. It can be reassuring to
know that your chair can tackle tricky terrain without getting stuck! As well as this, electric
wheelchairs are often suited better to the outdoors due to their speed. 

Special features 

Electric wheelchairs are often fitted with a range of special features to provide
maximum comfort and ease of use. For example, footrests to make getting in and out of
the chair more comfortable. Also, armrests that flip back to exit the chair at the side
quickly. When a chair is built for optimum comfort, this helps the user to reduce any
fatigue or pain experienced from frequent use. 

Folding wheelchairs 

You can get folding electric wheelchairs, the same as you can manual chairs. It’s really
convenient to choose these types of chairs; to store and fold as you wish. There may be
an occasion when you need to fold the chair on public transport perhaps? When you’re
looking at the features of a new chair, always check the speed and range to ensure that
it’s suitable for you. Most importantly, try out any new chair properly before you buy. A
chair might sound perfect, but not feel comfortable to you personally. When it comes to
wheelchairs, your personal comfort is vital. Electric wheelchairs can also be an excellent
option on a fun holiday to really make the most of your time!

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