Saturday, 5 October 2019

Project 365 week 40

A total make or break week for my blog and this project, but thanks to encouragement from fellow 365'ers I have decided to carry on. This week has been a horrible week, seems to be one thing after another health wise lately. Having suffered for over three months with a new inhaler that was making things much worse rather than better and getting to the stage  that I could not function, now it seems my body is out to get me in other ways. This weeks post is a total moaning post as that is all I can focus on. On the positive side the new inhaler is just what I needed with my peak flow back at normal and having come of the omeprazole the heart burn is actually no worse than it was when I was on it.

Having undergone a full barrage of blood tests just over a month ago that showed nothing wrong except low potassium then I am baffled as to why I am feeling so yeuch.

For a while I had been feeling like I had flu, every bone and joint in my body ached, but seems that was a possible side effect of the inhaler and that did seemed to have eased for a while, but now other parts are aching instead.

Just feel a) bored and b) useless as struggling with basic every day tasks. I am having to shout husband through to open bottles for me as can't close my hands enough to grip, same with tins, even ring pull cans are beating me. He is being nice enough to carry my plates through to the living room for me as I am worried about dropping my food on the floor.

Cant knit, cant crochet, and cant work so I am sitting around watching rubbish on the tv. Have been jumping on the exercise bike and doing 5 to 10 miles in bits and pieces a day as I can ride that without my hands.

Been sleeping in the front bedroom. I use the word sleeping jokingly, more like lying in the front room to save disturbing hubby with my up and down all night. I have intermittent pain and numbness in both hands during the day but at night the pain is unbearable with my left hand numb with pins and needles  from elbow to finger tips and the right one just the hand that is numb. Spend half the night about crying with the pain, other parts of the night rubbing and slapping my hands and arms trying to get the circulation moving and relieve the pain. Walking seems to help, so wander up and down the stairs for ten minutes at a time before going back. I must drop off in between times as I have been using the kindle to watch stuff on and finding I am in the middle of something when I wake up for the next wander. Hubby said I would not disturb him in our room, so Thursday night I went back in there, he woke at 4 with my moving around and got up at 6 as he could not get back to sleep, I decided it was to cold to go warm up the spare bed.....and stayed where I last night it was back to the front bedroom for me. .

I am sure I will be looking back on this is  a few months and wondering why I let it get to me, but right now it is getting to me. Does not fit with anything I can pin down, a trapped nerve would affect one side not both, so lets hope I get some answers.


In far to much pain to be at work not just from a pain point of view but also from a H&S point. I deliver hot meals and drinks to people but with numbness and pins and needles in both hands and struggling to pick anything up let alone carry it then I would say not a safe thing to do for my customers.

We finally got somebody in today too replace the fence post that holds up our gate, Not technically our post as fence belongs to next door, but being mid terraced we legally access our back garden from the street through next doors garden, and is the only sensible way for us to get bins in and out, and as they do not use need to use the gate then it is only us that is being inconvenienced by it not opening.  Fed up with the bins in the front garden so they are now round the back again.


An afternoon appointment with the GP, he still thinks my issue is inflammation from the previous weeks problem and suggested taking regular pain killers for a week and see if it helps. I am back on Friday for repeat bloods to check the potassium so he is adding on an extra test looking for inflammation markers to see if it is any type of arthritis. While I was in the town went and joined the e bike ride as I know this one is all off road and not overly long. Was rather uncomfortable but did cycle some of the way with one hand or the other at my side rather than on the handle bars. Was not the best idea I have had this week.

These lollies came from Disneyland Paris when DD2 and co were away there last month.


Cheated today and went to Iceland and bought some pre made food and bags of chopped onion and peppers. Always make my own but finding I can't chop stuff up at the moment. Better eating pre made food than risking harm over hot pans. To be honest I am even struggling holding a spoon or fork long enough to eat a meal without cramp setting in and having to change hands or stop for a few minutes.


Did not go and join in with tonight's bike ride as most of it is on road and not a sensible decision with the way I am. My legs are still working so been out walking the dog. She is hard to see against the leaves.


Hubby went and picked up friend to come and give him a hand to get the front gates ready for welding, just needs a welder now to to get them back up.
I did try to knit today but got a 1/4 of a row done before it was to painful to carry on. Waited two hours and tried to crochet as it only needs one needle and the right hand is better than the left, got ten stitches done and slung it across the room in frustration. Did manage to do some colouring, not the best quality but passed some time.Not finished but little bits at a time.

Had contacted occ health at work as thought it may be a quicker option if I need physio or anything than through the GP. I got a call today and now have an appointment for next Thursday. Did see if I could change that as I have a funeral at the same time next week, but nothing else for a fortnight so will need to put in my apologies for the funeral.


Blood tests this morning, picked up my sick line and a prescription for stronger pain killers while I was there. Handed sick line into work, walked the dog, got a few bits of shopping while in the town anyway and headed home for a nap. Results should be back for Tuesday so will see what they show, if anything. But one more thing ruled in or out before Occ Health appointment.

Down at 5.30 to watch the three wee ones while DD1 went and picked Bob up. Was a nice easy babysitting session as the three of them were on their tablets. Helped Spud with some nine piece jigsaws on hers and helped in a game making food, dipping fruit into chocolate.

Minkies tablet had timed out so he was trying to help Dinky with hers.


Been willing to try anything to help the sleeping, so did some reading on ergonomic pillows and if it is neck issues it may well help, if it is not neck issues it will do no harm. Having to sleep on my back at the moment so trying this. Went for a mid priced one with mainly good reviews. Only used it one night so will let you know how I get on.

Have been trying to help myself, we all know the worst thing we can do with any sore piece of the body is not use it so doing finger and wrist movements regularly through the day to save them seizing up.

Hopefully by next week I may have some answers.

We have finished working our way through 3 series of Glitch, need to find something else that appeals to both of us now.

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  1. So sorry to hear you've had such a tough week! It sounds horrendous. Really hope you get some answers and see an improvement soon. It sounds very sensible to buy pre-chopped frozen vegetables.

  2. Ahh! So glad you have decided to carry on. Sending massive hugs. I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like you have been having a rotten time. I hope you get to the bottom of why you feel so unwell soon.
    I think buying the frozen peppers and onions saves me time and throwing fresh one's out if I don't use them. Don't be too hard on yourself.
    Good luck with the pillow. I hope it helps. x

  3. Sounds a really tough week and so frustrating. It sounds like you are doing all you can to find answers and keep yourself healthy. Sensible to not do things that are dangerous too. I hope things improve soon.

  4. Crikey, it really does sound like you're going through it healthwise at the moment. Hope you get some answers soon - going via OH at work sounds like a good plan.

  5. Oh lovely, that is such a tough week. I am here if I can ever help and sending you giant hugs. I hope you feel better soon and I really hope you get some answers soon. The pillow looks good, I hope that helps a bit xx

  6. I really feel for you Elaine, when you're in pain it just overrides everything, causes isolation and is depressing when you can't do things that you took for granted and now have to rely on others to do for you, it's so frustrating. Here's hoping the new (old) inhaler starts working, the heart burn eases and you get some answers in regards to your hands and wrists soon.

  7. Sorry you're having a tough time at the moment, this year has been been rubbish for so many I feel. Take care of yourself x #365

  8. Oh no sounds like a really tough week! I hope they get to the bottom of why you are feeling like this soon and that you start feeling better soon!

    Hope the pillow helped.

  9. Sorry your having such a rough time x I love your blog

  10. Oh Elaine, I'm so sorry you're having such a tough time with your health. Glad you decided to keep on blogging. Not being able to sleep is a torture. Hope you're better this week.

  11. I really hope they find some answers for you soon but how frustrating to have appointment restrictions. Last year I had vertigo and couldn't do anything, I felt so helpless and useless, then they thought I might have had a stroke but thankfully they were wrong! #project365

  12. Sorry to hear you are still so poorly. I hope you get some answers soon and can go back to your knitting and cycling. Glad you decided to carry on with 365 x


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