Saturday 11 April 2020

Project 366 week 15

Been nice this week seeing some of the survivors of covid 19 on the television. Hopefully their stories just might tip the balance and stop a few more people from going out more than they need to.
The mass burials in America seem so barbaric, but if it is only way to do it then I guess it has to be done.

The police have been seen round the village quite a bit stopping people and asking them where they are going.

Another week gone by so quick, though some days we have eaten tea at 6ish instead of our more usual 7ish. Means by nine it is feeling like past bedtime.

The village now has our own food bank thanks to the hard work and organisation of the covid 19 group. Contributions have been donated by most of the groups in the village as well as private donations and outside agencies.Some people in the village know where to tap into, great for the village for these people to be on board.  Amazing how caring people can be in times of a crisis.


A normal working day and home to do some cross stitching and then a bit of knitting.

Loved the sunrise this morning, such pretty colours.


More cross stitching while listening to my current audiobook. The Boy in The Photo.  Hubby was pressure washing the fence before starting to paint it.

Both went a walk with the dog down to what we call Lilly's wood, didn't see anybody other than a few farm workers in the distance

Started watching Locke and Key that somebody else mentioned last week. The Jury is out on it at the moment but only watched two episodes


A Facebook call with a friend in the morning that is going through a very tough time, Just being their for her, sadly nothing I can do to help her apart from being an ear. I can't go to her and be a shoulder to cry on or take her for a coffee.

Plenty more sewing. Finished watching series 2 of London Kills and caught up with The Nest while hubby was out in the garden. getting on with stuff.

A walk down the woods with the dog. Notice the difference in my breathing, managing back up the hill much easier than a few weeks ago.

 Home and made a cake that fell apart coming out of the tin. Still tasted yummy.


A trip to the shops just before 8am. Needed fruit and veg, tin foil and food bin bags.

A load of washing that got hung out, a walk round the village with the dog and some sewing in between times.

Started watching Liar series 2 on Netflix, a tad confusing because it keeps flashing back to "3 weeks ago" lots of times as well as 8 yrs ago etc.

Got a competition prize through the door, no longer doing decoupage but will find a good home for them at some point.


Still got a sore stomach, day three now, must have eaten something on Tuesday that did not agree with me and I am still suffering.

Didn't go anywhere or do overly much.

Knitted this wee doll the other night, took me about an hour to knit, took me another hour today to stuff and finish off. Finished watching Liar while hubby was doing bits in next door's garden.
 A lot of twists and turns and overall worth a watch.

This is an NHS domestic in uniform that I downloaded a knitting pattern for.  Hubby made her the visor. Was looking for shades of brown for her hair but I don't have brown wool, not a colour I have ever bought.


Posted a parcel, dropped by at DD1, picked up shopping for a villager while out. Took the dog a walk down the woods. I see the bluebells are starting to come out, just a few at the moment but another few weeks and it should look great.

 Home to make some brownies while the oven was on cooking tea.

Today's weather was very muggy warm while we were out walking, but we did have some heavy rain about 6 oclock.


The hyacinths bulbs I planted back in January are doing very well. Brightening up my living room window sill.

So a bland week here.

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  1. It gives you hope when we see the survivors of Covid 19 on the TV doesn't it. I hope people stay home over the weekend, especially with the weather being so nice.
    That is great news about the food bank. Whenever my fella goes to our little Tesco he has been buying an extra couple of tins to put in the food bank donation box. He isn't usually the most thoughtful or caring person but the pandemic is changing him.
    That is a pretty sunrise.
    So sorry about your friend.
    That's great news about your breathing getting better.
    I still need to watch the 2nd series of Liar. I just haven't had the patience to watch anything that needs concentration.
    That doll is very cute and perfect for what's happening at the moment. x

  2. I love the little doll you knitted! It sounds like you've been watching some good stuff on TV. I watched the first episode of The Nest, but need to get up to date. That's great news that your breathing is improving. That must be a real relief.

  3. I haven't watched Liar apart from what I've seen on gogglebox (including the ending). I didn't see the first series though, so don't know if they feed on from the last.
    So hard when you can't comfort a friend in need properly due to not being able to visit. Lovely to see the bluebells

  4. Glad your chest is getting better. Our road is doing a food bank collection each week - it's really heartening that so many are contributing. Well done on the win.

  5. Great to hear your breathing is getting better, especially in the current times. Love the NHS doll - very clever ! We're a bit ahead of you - our bluebells are on their last legs in the garden. Don't know about in the woods, as we haven't been out for a month so I haven't seen any !

  6. Love the food bank being set up so quickly, I haven't seen any police around asking people where they are going but have noticed lots driving around. Love the NHS doll, sorry no brown wool here either. I tried watching Locke and Key, gave up on it sadly

  7. That sky is gorgeous. I love the hyacinth. i remember growing them as a kid for for the daffodil competition. The NHS doll is so cute. I love it. You are very clever xx

  8. Lovely that people are pulling together at the moment and that's amazing that the food bank has been set up so quickly. It's hard not being able to be physically there for people at the moment. Hope that being a listening ear for your friend is helping. Love your NHS doll and the hyacinths are so pretty. Glad to hear that your breathing is getting better and getting uphill is becoming easier. #project366

  9. Glad to hear your breathing is improving and sounds like the village is really pulling together on the food bank. We went out for a walk yesterday and saw bluebells and wild springer flowers which was lovely. I wish I could knit your NHS doll looks fab x

  10. We need to do our fences but this week I painted our bathroom ceiling instead. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Love your knitting creation

  11. I wanted to watch Liar but haven't seen the first series and it isn't available anywhere! Caught up on The Nest this week and really enjoyed it. Is The Boy in the Photo by Nicole Trope? If so, I reviewed it last year and thought it was good #project366

  12. I love the knitted doll. The good news about Covid and people getting better is much needed isn't it? Glad about the food bank too. That is good news.
    Sorry for delayed comment. The week caught up with me!

  13. Yeah I saw the clips. I'm happy the police are taking this seriously and how the community has helped. OoooOOoO cross stitching. I haven't watched these shows. I'm currently watching The Office (American version). Lovely flowers and that NHS doll looks amazing

  14. Stunning sunrise! I really want to paint our fence but don't have enough paint.

    Loving the doll!


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