Saturday 18 April 2020

Project 366 week 16

Apologies, I have not had time to comment on last weeks post's but will play catch up this week. This week like the last few has flown by far to quickly.


DD3 messaged to say she had a present for me, so dropped by her doorstep on the way home from work. A big thanks to her FIL for making them, much appreciated.


Spent the morning searching for knitting patterns and hama bead designs for Dumbledore and Sirius Black for Bob's birthday on Friday. Handing over the making of the cake to Fifi but I am making the decorations for it, not taking the risk.

Made a pan of veg soup, did another load of washing and got it all hung out then went for our daily walk down the woods. Stopped and took this picture of Spud on the way past.

Home and spent four hours on and off making two of the hama bead designs.


Another few hours making two more design and ironed them all then made a start on the crochet project. Stupid amount of time it takes to google the designs that you want. I would have preferred a knitting pattern to a crochet but no luck.I struggle with crochet and it takes a lot more concentration than knitting does.  I know he is getting a bit old for "knitted toys" but I am hoping he will hold onto it as something grandma put lots of love into making.

My step count has suffered today but crafting for Friday is more important. These took me about 6 hrs. May have been easier had all my beads been in their own colour but I have two mixed tubs and you need to just root for the right colour.


Half hour on the bike before breakfast. Watched the last two ever episodes of Criminal Minds. Fifteen series over fifteen years. Loved the show and all the births, deaths and marriages as well as watching the characters develop. Really weird if you go back and start watching again from Series one as it seems so out dated.

 More crocheting while listening to audiobooks. Now currently listening to The Silent House as I find it impossible to watch tv while I am doing  hama  or crocheting.

Enjoying nature while out, a pattern on the tree where the bark has come off.


A large number of hours crocheting again. This Dumbledore is taking a lot longer than I expected it to. A walk down the woods with the dog. Today they were ploughing the field that has the right of way going down it. Annoying but I guess as everybody walks on it it will flatten down again.

Nipped to the shops for a few bits for me and fruit and pull ups for DD1

Had some eggs that were getting past their best, three of the twelve floated so I decided to make quiche for tea, fried off some peppers, leeks and tomatoes along with chopped up bacon that needed using up as well. made some small ones as was to much mixture just for just one big one, they will do work at the weekend. Also made two cakes while I still have flour. One fruit and banana and one coconut. Will need to add eggs to the shopping list for when I nest go.

How amazing is Captain Tom, the man is a legend.


Bobs birthday, fourteen years old....thank you to everybody that sent a card, added an extra dimension to his day.  Finished sewing together Dumbledore and sealed it inside a poly bag where it will need to stay for three days so he knows it will be safe. and took it down with his other stuff.  We will still have a day out at some point.

Dinky decided she was not being in the picture and you can see her white top behind the broom as she disappears off to play in the top garden.

Thank you Fifi for this photograph.


This picture was taken yesterday but thought I would share Dumbledore.Could not get his half glasses to look right so left him without any.

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  1. Those cups are fab! I love the rainbow one.
    Aww! What a great window in Spud's house.
    Those Harry Potter hama bead designs are great and Dumbledore is just brilliant. The quiche's look so tasty too.
    Happy birthday to Bob! I hope he had a good day. The cake looks fab! x

  2. Happy birthday to Bob! Hope he had a lovely day. You've done a great job with the Hama beads and the crocheted Dumbledore. The mugs are lovely too.

  3. What lovely cups and keyrings and I love Spud's window. Glad that Bobs had a nice birthday - your Hama bead creations and crocheted Dumbledore look amazing. Love the look of those mini quiches too. #project366

  4. Wow, you've had a busy week, but all your efforts were worth it - the Hama beads and crochet look fabulous and were obviously appreciated. The quiche sounds great and the mini quiche idea is a great way of using up the leftovers. Love the mugs :)

  5. The Harry Potter crochet and hamma beads look amazing. Well done. You are so creative. I am not quiche fan, but they look fab. The mugs are lovely xx

  6. Love the Harry Potter gifts you made for Bob and I'm sure he'll treasure them as they were a gift from his gran. How lovely of DD3's FIL to decorate those mugs for you

  7. What lovely presents. The beadwork and Dumbledore looks amazing!!! Yeah, Criminal Minds is quite an old series. Those fried leeks and tomatoes look very similar to the pakoras we have here where we fry cut potatoes and eggplant in batter; delicious tract

  8. Spuds banner is great! Love the hamas beads creation! Bee loves the beads but we have run out at the moment!

    Happy belated 14th to Bob

  9. Happy belated birthday to Bob! Your Harry Potter-inspired hama beads creations and a Dumbledore toy are fab. Such unique, personalised gifts. Looks like he loved them.
    The mugs are lovely too.

  10. Happy Birthday to Bob! You have been busy with his presents - love the hama beads and the Dumbledore toy.

  11. Loving your Hama beads creations and Happy Birthday to Bob

  12. I love the mugs and key rings.
    I have never done Hama beads, I must give them a try. You did a good job.
    I have also never watched criminal minds, I might have to go and start...
    Project 365

  13. We don't have an iron so have never done Hama beads! But I do use the patterns for cross stitch for cards so may look out for the HP ones. #project366

  14. Aww I hope he had a great birthday. I love the cake decorations such a good idea and Dumbledore is very cute! We got really into criminal minds but not sure if we have seen the last series or not will need to check as we are looking for something good to watch

  15. Hi this is Bob finally got round to read my grans blog thanks to everyone that sent me a birthday card it cheered me up more hope everyone is staying safe in lockdown


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