Sunday 26 April 2020

Project 366 week 17

So this weeks tv viewing has consisted of The trouble with Maggie Cole, not to strenuous on the brain but entertaining enough. Finished rewatching Series 1 of Manifest. Also watched three films, TimeTrap - will be ninety minutes of my life I won't get back, Brassed Off which was  enjoyable and Toy Story 4 which was funny in points but not the best of the series but passed a part of the day.

We have had lovely weather all week, red skies both night and morning. The mornings were chilly enough to cause frost on the car, but had lovely afternoons. No rain again this week.

Hubby has spent a lot of this week in the garden as well doing all sorts while I sit with my feet up and knit.

Have seen the grandchildren on and off and Minky reminded me I can't come in as they are on lock down. but I can come in when it is over.


A day at work and a walk with the dog after tea. This was the only picture I took, this one is in  NHS heath care assistant colours, this one went to a colleague at work. I know have four domestic staff dolls done three of which are hopefully going to raise some money for the village food bank, my way of doing my bit for the village. Leaving it up to the leaders of the group as to how they achieve this. The fourth one I am hoping will go into one food bank package that is given to somebody in need as an extra to cheer them up. Not worth anything financially but a unique bit of history as each one is different as I have only made six of them so far so fairly exclusive.


I have run out of three items that should have been delivered with my last repeat prescription. Went to pick them up, pharmacy say they were not ordered, doctors and my online account say they were.So had to get another prescription from the GP so while we were waiting on it being signed, was to allow two hours, so we went a walk along the river.

Spotted a fisherman, first of the year.



Another day knitting, watching tv and walking the dog.

I planted these back in January and eventually they have flowered.


I had sent a parcel to my sister, but put the wrong house number on it, I put 36 instead of 35, the rest was correct, so it came back to us today....surely the postman would know the name and stick it through the correct door.

A walk down the road to the woods today. They have been out ploughing the fields. Sadly the right of way goes through here from the top of the hill but nearly impossible to walk down as the ground is that dry you just sink into it and kick up masses of dirt, not good for the eyes the lungs or the dog.

Joined in with a Zoom chat with the workers and volunteers from the active travel hub that I do the cycling with. Found out that there had been an email to NHS staff offering them use of a bike while this crisis is on, shame I don't get that email as I would love to have had a bike to use while I have so much time on my hands. Sadly they are all away and there is a waiting list......hey ho such is life.

But is anyone has a ebike to spare they are not using while on lockdown I will happily exercise it for you until you need it again.


Wandered into town to pick up hubby's prescription, walk the dog and do some shopping for me DD1 and a neighbour while I was out anyway. Neighbour and I were both looking for fence paint but they had none left. While we got out of the car I locked it as per usual and then thought, would swear I put the keys in the side pocket of the rucksack. When we got back to near the car I could not find them anywhere, emptied everything out the bag and shook it upside down, still no keys. Turns out they had missed the bag but luckily for us some very honest person had found them and put them at the wall a few feet away from where the car was parked and nobody else had picked them up and my car was still in one piece. Relieved is an understatement.

I did pop into the big Iceland as I just had to try the black jack ice lollies. I was not at all impressed with them, tasted nothing like black jacks and were ice cream not ice lolly. I thought they would be water ice lollies like the twister ones.


Spent the morning in the kitchen making soup and tea for tonight and tomorrow. Walked the dog in the evening.

This was me experimenting with some knitting. Toyed with the idea of making seven of the jelly babies, one in each colour of the rainbow, but last minute decided to try this instead. Made the smaller one first and then thinking that the NHS is linked with a rainbow now I added NHS and the year to the bigger one. A historic memento of this period in time. Going to make one for each of the grandchildren as a reminder of this time. They may evolve along the way. Need to change the blue of the NHS to something a bit darker.


A work day and home to be lazy.

This sign is sat near the hospital roundabout.

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  1. I absolutely love your knitted dolls, especially the rainbow ones. They really are a piece of history. How lovely to donate some to the foodbank. How frustrating that your prescription wasn't ready. I know Kim said those lollies were disappointing too, what a shame.

  2. It sounds like you've had a good week. Keeping yourself busy.
    Those NHS dolls are fab. I bet they are really cheering people up.
    Ugh! That was really bad form from the postman with your sister. All it takes is a bit of common sense.
    That's a shame about missing out on the bike.
    The fruit salad lollies are not that great either. Even my two kids thought they were too sweet. x

  3. I do like the dolls - they are fun and as you say a bit of history. Pity about the lollies. You'd have thought the postman could have worked out which house it needed to go to.

  4. I love your knitted dolls, especially the rainbow ones. What a shame that your sister's parcel was returned to you. I've been wanting to try the black jack lollies - what a shame that they're disappointing though. Kim said the same in her post this week. Love the NHS thank you sign. Hope you have a good week. #project366

  5. I'll say the same to you as I said to Kim - yuck, Black Jacks are disgusting ! lol. I can't stand aniseed or licorice, sorry ! The dolls are fabulous - especially as they can be kept as historic reminders. They'll be worth a fortune in years to come ! :)

  6. I absolutely love those knitted dolls, you are so clever. I especially like the rainbow ones. How lovely to donate some to the foodbank, a nice idea. How annoying your prescription wasn't ready. The lollies look good, shame they were disappointing though xx

  7. I was looking forward to the black jack lollies but that's two of you now who've said they're too sweet. love the NHS Rainbow dolls you've been making. I enjoyed watching The trouble with Maggie Cole also, a couple of people have suggested I try Manifest. Love how Minky understands you can't come in

  8. Your knitted dolls are very cute, and a historic memento too. I haven't watched any of the films and series you've mentioned. Not a fan of aniseed, so those ice lollies wouldn't appeal to me at all. What a shame about the returned parcel. Surely the postie should know the names of the people in the street.

  9. Your knitting work is amazing! Have you watched Season 2 of Manifest yet? Toy Story 4 was fun but there was something missing in it. OoOoOo pretty flowers. Thats sweet to offer a bike to the workers. Thank God your car wasn't stolen

  10. Loved the Trouble with Maggie Cole and have been enjoying the new series of Manifest too, although I did struggle to get back into it initially

  11. Love the dolls you are making. I don't think you are the only one who wasn't impressed with the BlackJack ice lollies, from what I have seen on social media and blogs!

  12. I binge watched the Maggie Cole programme a few weeks ago, entertaining light relief! I love all the knitted things you are making: I am focussing on my cross stitch at the moment #project366

  13. Love the knitted dolls and what a nice idea to put it in a package.

    Seems like the ice lollies aren't going down well with many.

    Oh wow that is really lucky re the keys! Glad your car was ok and you found the keys.

  14. How lovely to make the dolls for the food bank I am sure that will cheer someone up and raise some money. I really wish I could knit! I wanted to try those lollies but it doesn't sound like they are worth it. Hope you find a bike lend soon. x


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