Saturday, 9 May 2020

Project 366 week 19


A work day and came home to defrost the freezer, not much in there apart from a few vegetable. A walk down the wood with the dog in the evening 


Going to get freezer food, easiest one to park near is in Irvine, local one in centre of town but would need to carry it to far to a car park, so decided to do our daily exercise while out and went and parked near a cycle path at the nature reserve.
A few walkers around but mainly cyclist, well it is a cycle path.


Bits and pieces of housework, some blogging and wandered off by myself down and round the fishery. 
Walk after tea with dog and hubby. 
Some knitting in the evening.


Went to do none freezer shopping today so went back to the same place as Monday and did the same walk again.
Dog enjoyed it and with few people to pass, everybody happy to do social distancing, then it was another nice walk. 
Weather so far this week has been beautiful.

 Crocheted the rainbows and the first the clouds were crocheted and the writing sewed on. The second one the inside of the cloud was knitted with the writing knitted into it and then crocheted the cloud shape on after. 



A drizzly day, had no notion to go anywhere so I didn't until 6pm when we walked the dog. Spent the day knitting and doing housework. 

Got a competition prize today from Prestigious Car and MX Competitions over on Facebook. . Not bad I won it on Friday over on Facebook, they posted it on Saturday and the post man attempted to deliver it on Monday, but we were not in so he left a card saying was putting it into the local post office. Sadly the post office placed it into the bags for uplift so it made it's way back to the Glasgow before being redelivered today. 

It is great been using it for various bits and pieces. Shame it only works plugged in and is not portable.


Bob has never broken a pair of glasses since he started wearing them about ten years ago until last week, and again this had to pop into the town with them again. 

The girls were playing in technically a sand pit DD1 bought and filled with water. So I had to play catch with Spud and watch Dinky run from one to another when I picked the glasses up. Spud's hands were wet, the ball was wet and I had washed mine before leaving home so thought playing catch would be safe enough. 


A day at work and came home to another prize. This one was also being run on Facebook, thanks to a fellow comper who takes me in all sorts of key worker competition. For this one she just had to nominate a deserving person, and she won for me. 

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  1. I love that first photo of your dog on the rock in the middle of all the flowers.
    It looks like you've had some lovely walks.
    I'm glad you've done plenty of food shopping. I hope your freezer is well stocked now.
    The rainbows are so pretty.
    Well done on the competition wins.
    So lovely you could see the grandkids.

  2. Well done on the competition wins. I've not entered many comps for years, but used to do loads.

  3. What a lovely photo of the girls playing. It looks like you've had some lovely walks this week too. I love your crocheted rainbows, you've come up with some fantastic creations lately. Some good competition wins for you this week!

  4. The dog among the bluebells looks thoughtful, as if pondering on the beauty around. Big well done on your wins! Hope your freezer is stocked up now. It must be so lovely to be able to see your grandchildren. The rainbows are a pretty memento of this period in history.

  5. Well done on the facebook wins, I'm sure a game of catch with a wet ball when you dropped Bob's glasses off was more than acceptable, lovely for you to see the grandchildren, I'd need a car first before I could see mine over the garden fence. i'm going to start the crocheting you sent me last week, thank you

  6. Well done on the comps. I'm happy to nominate you in a few key worker comps on days when I have time. I've avoided them before now as I don't like tagging non compers.

  7. Well done on the prizes - I haven't entered any competitions for ages, maybe I should start again ?! Love the bluebells - you have some lovely walks around where you live. Great to see the grandkids for a while.

  8. Well done on your competition wins. That walk around the fishery looks beautiful as does the nature reserve. Glad you managed to stock up your freezer and see your grandchildren. They look like they were having fun. #project366

  9. Well done on the competition wins that's fab. The walk looks amazing. Glad you have stocked up the freezer and gotten to see the grandkids xx

  10. The dog looks incredibly tiny in the picture. The lake looks amazing. Awesome knitting work as always. Social distancing isn't well implemented here; I seem to be the only one avoiding people in the market. Congrats on the prizes,although quite a hassle with the post. The gift you sent to chickenruby is adorable

  11. Well done on your wins, I wish I had time to get comping again, I always enjoy the excitement of seeing what might arrive in the post!

  12. Well done on the competition wins!

    Love that first picture with the bluebells...such nice places to have a walk.

    Nice to be able to play catch with Spud.

    Love that crocheted rainbow.

  13. Congratulations on your win, I really want an echo show. The crochet is beautiful and how lucky to find a bluebell wood

  14. Looks like some lovely weather. Love the rainbows! Congrats on the win and well done for managing to empty your freezer! #project366


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