Saturday, 30 May 2020

Project 366 week 22

Well in Scotland we have got some more freedom than we had last week but does not mean I am going to be doing anything risky. Just because Nicola says I can visit family does not mean I will be. Three of us work for the NHS, two of us in a hospital and one in a clinic but she has to use public transport to get there. If I go and sit 2m away from the local grandchildren they are going to want me to play or they will want cuddles or to sit on my knee and that is putting them at risk, so it wont be happening any time soon. I also have to consider that the other grandparents will also want to visit, so if I give it to the grandchildren they may well pass it on. Also Bob is still covered by his shielding letter.

Weather has been far to warm this week for a day time walk but time evening comes the woods are full of midges.


A late start at work again today, think this is going to be me until we can either find a suitable mask or there is no need for a mask at work, a late start gives time to do things before work, an early start after work so does not make much difference to me. Just happy to still be working.

This is the only picture I took today, the latest in my Rainbow of hope series, this one is for Fifi as she loves cacti.


Housework and a walk with the dog and some crocheting.

Changed over the seven tog winter quilt for the four tog summer one, until it gets to warm for that and we just use a quilt cover.

Got the quilt and two other loads of washing done, out and dried.

Also put the oil heater up the stairs and brought down the fan.

None of my caterpillars have come to anything, they are all still small caterpillars


Today a repeat of yesterday.

Trying to find a new series to get into but cant find anything that appeals ten minutes of one thing fifteen of another, again my mood rather than the quality of programme I think.

This lovely little treat came through the post today, a lovely gesture from Fifi. Really brightened my week up.

Got a message I had won a voucher in another "tag your NHS friend" I was nominating by the same person that won for me last week.


When I turned the tv on this morning all we got was a flickering picture on, off, on, off, a second or so at a time.

I took a video of it and sent it to LG and they suspect a bulb is away, far to expensive to sort so bye bye tv. We won it four years ago so four years of free tv was ok.

By this time we had brought the old one down, and by the time we tried to fit it to the stand and realised it would not fit  it was gone 1pm. This left us with the dilemma of a stand as we bought the up right stand for the tv we won and we gave away the old table type stand we had. We hunted Facebook Market Place and found one localish so we went and picked it up, they had put it in the garden for us.

Went for a walk while we were out, a different part of the river walk to what we normally walk.

Had a phone call from work to see how last weekend went, and to wait on a phone call tomorrow with an update.


The day just seemed to disappear, no idea where it went or what we did apart from an evening walk down and round one of the fields with the dog.
Phone call back from work saying they have sourced a different type of mask for me to try same as last week.
No crafting in the last two days at all.

I got this today, a nice home made bag from the Facebook friend who keeps wining competitions for me.


Had a prescription to pick up so combined the day with a walk and some shopping. Sadly the queues were massive, and then even more massive at the first two supermarkets and way to warm to stand out in a queue. So went to the industrial estate where there is a choice of three shops, one of which had no queue so in I went, but hey seemed to have stopped social distancing and the queue was inside, maybe thirty deep at the check out, but was better than being stood out in the sun.Time I got out they had somebody on the door gain with one in one out.

Just picked up the stuff we needed to tide over the weekend, will worry about the rest next week, will probably add it to DD1's delivery.

DD1 had wanted eggs and jam, could not get her eggs, but we have one lovely local woman that keeps chickens and does not eat eggs, so messaged her but she had no egg boxes, I did have so took her my empty boxes, pick up half a dozen eggs, dropped them at DD1 along with the jam and picked up bottles pf sparkling water that came with her shopping for me along with a few tins of beans. Spoke to the three wee ones while I was there. They had been in the paddling pool.

The weir walk we did yesterday, don't think I took any today.

Ayr River walk

Meet Vincent, a rainbow sausage dog, hubby wanted one and he also named him. Will need to try and find a knitting pattern if I do another one.

crochet sausage dog.

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  1. We are being cautious too. Just becasue Boris says we can do something doesn't mean we're going to.
    I am glad you are still able to work.
    We changed our quilts this week too but it has been too hot here for even the thin one.
    Aww! That is a sweet gift from Fifi!
    What a mess about with the TV and the TV stand. I hope you have it sorted now.
    Ugh! The shopping trip sounds like a nightmare.
    Aww! Vincent is very cute. x

  2. Love the rainbow dog and cacti. So sweet. Lucky to get another stand for the tv. What a faff. Lovely note from Fifi - bet it's nice to have things like that from them

  3. Love all your crafts - you should sell them online. I bet they'd sell well, especially the ones with NHS or 2020 on them ! Too bad about the TV, but I'm glad you managed to pick up a table for the old TV. Hope you get on OK with the new mask at work.

  4. I'm loving your rainbow crafts, especially the little dog, what did hubby name him? A bit more freedom here for us in England also, less so in Wales for my mum. I won't be going out any more often than I am now. I could do with a fan as it's getting a bit hot at night, if I leave the window open the birds wake me. How lovely is that card from Fifi? I've just watched The Victim on iplayer, only 4 episodes but very good

  5. I really like your cactus and sausage dog! What fab makes. I totally understand what you mean, even though we have slightly more freedom its hard when children don't understand the need for distance. Glad you had some nice post to cheer you up this week x

  6. It does seem very sensible to stay away from the grandchildren a bit longer, but it must be so tempting to see them when you know that it's 'allowed'. I hope the new mask works for you OK. I'm amazed at how quickly you got your TV sorted out. Thank goodness for Facebook Marketplace! Your little crochet pieces are lovely as ever.

  7. It must be extremely tough for you being at risk and keeping yourself from risking others. One day, I'll come to UK just to get one of your special crochets because they are amazing! Cute small caterpillar. Cute card. Cool bag.

  8. I don't really understand why so many seem to be back to normal. I am glad you are still able to work. The weather has been lovely. That is a sweet gift from Fifi, such a cutie. What a mess about with the TV and the TV stand. I hope you get it sorted soon. xxx

  9. Ohhhh if you want a new series, Snow Piercer on Netflix is fantastic! I didn't have high hopes when I started, but I was instantly hooked! I am loving the cactus, so funky! Considered making a new crochet blanket earlier but cannot locate my hook which is annoying! Hope you get to see your grandchildren soon, it's hard seeing people you care about and not being able to give them a hug. With younger children they would just run up to you without thinking, so albeit it's hard, you've made the right decision. Hope you are well and having a good week! Sim x

  10. We are still be cautious too, although I have done a bit more than previously. Pity about the TV breaking. I've never managed to win a TV in all my years of comping. Well done on your bag win.

  11. Your rainbow crafts are beautiful. The sausage dog is super cute, and so is the dancing cactus. How sweet of Fifi to send you a lovely message. Sorry to hear about your TV, you just have to win another one. Hope you'll be able to see your grandchildren soon. And also that the new masks work for you.

  12. Sorry to hear that your TV went kaput. 4 years sounds like no time, I really don;'t think things are build to last these days :(

  13. I love the rainbow cactus and sausage dog - your makes are just gorgeous. We're still being cautious with the relaxing of the rules too. Sorry to hear that your TV stopped working, glad you managed to get a stand for your old one. What a lovely note from Fifi and that photo of the weir is beautiful. #project366

  14. We finally went round to my parents to sit in the garden for half an hour and stay 2 metres apart. Luckily they have no health issues but if they did we would continue to stay away. #project366

  15. Love your rainbow cactus and dog! So adorable!

    I think it makes sense to still keep your distance...the kids don't always understand and as you say want hugs and cuddles.

    Such a shame about the TV. I had a plasma TV that literally blew up after a few years. Now I refuse to get expensive ones as it seems like they break quickly and if they break it just costs loads to fix.

  16. Oh I love Vincent! We are a little rainbow mad here. Sounds like shopping was a bit of a nightmare. I am lucky really as my husband been doing ours. How frustrating the TV broke especially at the moment. x


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