Sunday, 17 May 2020

Project 366 week 20

We have started watching Series 5 of Outlander, I watched a 4 part series called The Bad Seed - tells the story of two brothers from a dysfunctional family, tried various others and watched half an hour of this and half an hour of that as I could not get into others I tried. Watched an all right film for a boring day at home -  A Prayer for Mary. Took a notion to watch Watership Down but you need to pay for the film version, I could find a 4 part tv version of it but could not get into that either. 
Been enjoying Millionaire but apart from that nothing much different.  

Have to say I am quite glad Scotland has kept us locked down a bit longer, will be interesting to see if there is a spike, make Nicolas next decision easier based on the stats in England for us at the end of May. 


My usual shift at work. Had decided we were going to have a Chinese as a treat but time I finished work I was not feeling to great, sore throat, itchy mouth and was to sore to consider eating anything. As the evening went on my tongue started to swell and my throat got tighter and the itching in my mouth got worse. Took piriton and ended up sleeping with my epi pens next to the bed in case it got worse over night, thank fully I got away with it but only just.
 Never quite sure at this stage when to use them. It is obvious if it is an instant reaction, but always ponder should I use them when it creeps up before it gets very very uncomfortable and then phone an ambulance and take some help and advice,but that seems a waste of resources as not technically an emergency situation. Had this problem more than once. Maybe I should just to ease the reaction quicker? Maybe need to go and have a discussion with the pharmacist.

Have to say really fed up of these allergies having such a massive impact on my life. 

Managed to spill my breakfast into my knitting box, overnight oats, fruit and yoghurt -  toast would have made a lot less mess  - this was just some of what I rescued for rinsing off. The stuffing bag got thrown away.


More piriton to keep the reaction down, itching in the mouth was better but throat and tongue still sore. Walked the dog and did some knitting.

Face timed with DD2, Ziggy and Roo. Roo is doing well with her speech.


Tongue feeling a lot more comfortable, throat still sore and hoarse. Same old same old today. Found a butterfly while out for a walk. Was trying to get a decent close up but it flew away. Makes for an interesting shadow of it.


Had put in for a repeat prescription last week. These two are the same tablet, just in different packaging. No wonder people get confused and take the wrong tablets. The white packet is the new one and looks exactly the same packaging as another tablet I take. Have had to write on the strip what they are. Maybe I should leave them in the boxes but cant be bothered opening a packet, taking the required amount out and then popping it back in, I just keep one strip of each in the top drawer to make my life easier, or more lazy!!
A walk with the dog and knitting again. Took some video of walking along the paths through bluebell wood to share the beauty of it at this time of year.

Spoke to Staff Care today about the issue at work at the weekend and she is going to speak to her consultant and get back to me with her suggestions.


Staff Care phoned back and the consultant agreed with her it is not safe for me to be in at work wearing a mask. So going to speak to my line manager on best way to deal with this. They will arrange for allergy tests at some point to see where the problem lies.
Line manager has put me onto medical exclusion until they decide on how I can work safely.

Yes you guessed it more knitting and a walk with the dog. Got the bigger owl finished, just scaled it up to allow for what will become history in the writing.


Thankfully now my throat is feeling better, still hoarse at times but fine apart from that.

Hubby had to go for blood tests this morning to see if the new tablets they gave him have helped to lower his blood sugars. Decided while in the town anyway to get a few bits of shopping, nothing desperate right now but to save me a run back in next week.  Drove into three different supermarket car parks but the queues were ridiculously long so just left again.

Walked the dog along the river while we were out as well. Got some video footage of a cormorant fishing, and some tiny fish swimming about it the shallows as well. Not something you see every day.  Will pop them onto a blog post some time this week. Also spotted a heron near the cormorant.


Sat around waiting on the rain that had been predicted and looked like it would be here any time. I was fine I was knitting and watching rubbish on the tv. But still had not rained by 2pm so decided to take the dog a walk. We decided to stay close to home but withing a few minutes of us leaving the sky was blue so we went down the woods again. The river is very low as we have had no rain to speak off for weeks. Went down to the bridge and took a few photos. Dog went right under and along the banking on the other side. We probably could have as well but a lot of bricks have fell off the bridge and it would have involved to much clambering,  maybe another day at the start of the walk.

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  1. Sucha lovely walking path by the river, it's great to see nature relaxing at the moment and enjoying how quiet the world is! Sorry to hear you have been struggling this week due to face masks, they are suppose to reassure us, not make us worse! Hope you are feeling better now though!

    Had to giggle at the knitting box incident, that is something my daughter would do too! The owls are super cute, good to see you managed to crack on! Sim x #Project366

  2. I am expecting another spike of deaths down here in England. From what I've seen locally people are taking the mick and are mixing with whoever they want without keeping their distance.
    What a scary time you had having the allergic reaction. I'm glad you're feeling better now and I hope they sort you out at work soon.
    That could get confusing with the tablets. Be careful with them. x

  3. Sorry to hear you had another allergic reaction, how frustrating. I think Scotland is much more sensible to stay put. I'm worried about the second wave of corona hitting England. And they even think of opening schools soon, which is so scary.
    You have some lovely walks around you. The owls are lovely. And the pills are truly confusing.

  4. The owls look great - lovely as a historic reminder of what we're all living through. Sorry to hear you had an allergic reaction - hope they find a solution for you rapidly. That looks like a lovely walk. Great to see nature carrying on, in spite of it all !

  5. You poor thing it sounds so scary with your allergies. I love the baby owl its so adorable. I wish I had your talent for making things. The shadow of the butterfly does make for a good photo.

  6. I read your post last night but can't remember if I got round to writing a comment - can't see one so I'll have another go ! I'm loving your knitting projects - the owls look great and will be fab to keep as a historic reminder of this strange time. The scenery on the walks is lovely and unspoilt. Sorry to hear you had an allergic reaction - hope they find a solution for you xx

  7. Sorry to hear about your allergic reaction, what a nightmare! Really hope the hospital can find a solution for you. Your owls are fabulous! How annoying to spill your breakfast in your knitting.

  8. Hope the allergy reaction is better now. Love the rainbow owls - so cute, and a definite reminder of these times.

  9. I'm glad that you are feeling better now, these allergic reactions must be so worrying. Hope that work can find a solution for you. Love your rainbow owls and the photo of the bridge. #project366

  10. I hope the allergies have calmed down: could there be any link to hayfever as the pollen is bad and I am back stuck inside. I have had a number of ongoing allergy problems over the last 8 years and they've never managed to get to the bottom of it: I take a daily antihistamine for my food allergies but it doesn't stop acute random flares. #project366

  11. Such a lovely walking path by the river, it's great to see nature relaxing at the moment. I am so sorry to hear you have been struggling this week due to face masks. Sending hugs xx

    Had to giggle at the knitting box incident, that is something my daughter would do too! The owls are super cute, good to see you managed to crack on! Sim x #Project366

  12. Sorry to hear your allergies have been playing up and that you cannot work. Love the knitted owls and that bridge is beautiful

  13. I didnt realise you were in Scotland. I work for a Scottish company and would much have preferred if our Prime Minister had done the same. Sorry to hear about the reaction gad you are feeling better now. Love the rainbow owls.

  14. Hope your husbands blood test results come back ok, glad to hear your throat is feeling better and oh dear to spilling breakfast in your knitting box

  15. Watch the movies Knives Out & Jojo Rabbit. They're humorous and amazing! You should talk to a pharmacist or doctor about this, I hope they figure out what the problem is. Oh no, not your knitting kit! The owls are so cute I love them! Thats a lovely place where the heron is.

  16. I haven't watched Outlander yet. Will put it on my list of things to watch.

    Sorry to hear you had a reaction! Glad you are feeling better now though.

    Oh no to the breakfast in the knitting box!


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