Saturday, 23 May 2020

Project 366 week 21


A day off work. Spent it doing the same old things. But did get round to making the cake I was making on Friday.

Got the two dolls finished, they are for Spud and Dinky.

Amazes me how trees manage to grow on the rocky parts but I guess erosion has worn away the ground over the years.


Listening to audio books, the end of Things We Never Said by Nick Alexander, an enjoyable novel based on a series of cassette tapes and photographs the wife leaves to her husband to read and look at after her death from cancer, and doing diamond art painting. Then tried something new with crochet. Time will tell if it works.

Had a laugh at a bit of a memory. We bought our first microwave over thirty years ago. The girls called it Ping, because it pinged when the time was up. Years later when I bought another, smaller better one, my by then ex took it. Well DD1 messaged me to say Ping has finally pinged it's last. RIP Ping.

Had gone down to DD1's to go and post a letter for her and picked up some coloured big hugs that the three wee ones had made for me. Spud had put a monster on the back of hers, but she has hidden it's eyes nose and mouth to protect me, and now it has gone boom into space. 


Had a slow morning, was up just before six as for some reason these days I seem to have a lot of weird dreams, nothing scary just really weird, usually involves people I know or family members but the ages never work out with them, seem to mingle the kids and grandkids in combinations that are not possible. 

Finished off the diamond art picture while listening to a new audiobook, Good Little Liars by Sarah Clutton, will let you know what I think later on. 

Went to Morrisons in Troon to do a few bits of shopping I never got last week, hoping the queues would be shorter and if not hubby could walk the dog on the beach while I was shopping. Forgot that all the beach car parks would be blocked off and hubby did not think to park in the supermarket car park and walk the dog. 

So got my shopping and then parked near the cycle path for a walk instead. It was drizzly but did not really rain.

Started watching Dreyfuss on Prime, watchable but not stunning, another one of these "specialists" helping out the police type programmes. 


More audio book and diamond painting, got 3 bags of beads done on Bob's one, only another 31 bags to go.

Finished off another rainbow baby and started a NHS worker, have 3 more of these needing done.

Had a zoom chat with the other cycle/walking volunteers. Learning about up coming things they have going on as well as catching up with how the others are fairing. 

Walked the dog and found some caterpillars. 

Have a chat with neighbours either side and a friend along the road, all at different times of the day.

Won three Facebook competitions today, two of them were nominate NHS workers. First was a £10 amazon voucher, one for me and the colleague who nominated me. Mine went on cable ties that were in the basket waiting on pay day. Second up was a stainless steel tea pot and two mugs, again a nomination and  thirdly was a runner up prize of 50% off on a vape site, no used to me so was used by somebody else. 


A lovely sunrise just after 4.30 this morning. 

Hubby did more gardening, I did more kitting and tv watching/audiobook listening. 

Had a chat with next door, their wee one through in our garden, and he loves playing in water, he was very good at finding it all.... found a watering can, a bucket with water lying on the lid, and the dogs water bowl to play in. 

A couple of phone calls from Staff Care to see how I was and to update me on the plans for this weekend, they have different types of masks for me to try and see what happens. Fingers crossed. 

Popped the dog in the car and drove a few miles to a different piece of woodland to walk in for a change. 


Made an early start, rain was due to come in about 10am, walked the dog and picked up hubby's prescriptions.  Home just after ten and yes it was spitting, to some social media and more knitting and TV. 

My tea pot and mugs turned up, well they turned up yesterday originally but we missed the delivery while in the garden.

Rotating between Dreyfuss and Unforgettable on Prime. 


Rather than bore you with all my makes every day, most have which have already been shared then done a collage of them. 

Two of the three NHS dolls, a mandala, the crocheting I tried out on Tuesday, balls of wool in rainbow colours that DDD3 bought, my diamond painting owl, and two rainbow dolls that have NHS 2020 on their bodies, these are for Spud and Dinky, will make a couple for here as well at some point. 

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  1. How does the diamond painting work? The owl looks like embroidery - I was expecting'diamond' beads, but maybe the overall effect is different. You're certainly prolific in your crafts. Hopefully the hospital masks work out ok for you.

  2. I love the photos of the tree roots and sunset. I think your crafts are fantastic too. I like the sound of the book you finished. I will have to look out for that one. Three competition wins in one day is impressive!

  3. You are busy with your crafting. Well done on the wins. Had to smile at the microwave called Ping.

  4. I like your diamond painting owl, I have been doing something similar and want to order another! Well done on your wins, nice having them. Keep saying to myself I will start doing competitions again but never seem to quite manage it unfortunately x

  5. Trees are amazing how they grow in the most difficult places. They fascinate me.
    Wow! That is good going for a microwave to last so long. My dad has one which is about 20 years old. They don't make them like they used to.
    It sounds like you've been busy with your crafts. Well done on your competition wins! x

  6. I love all your makes from the week and the photo of the sunrise is so pretty. Well done on winning the Facebook competitions. Those big hugs that your grandchildren coloured for you are adorable. The story about Ping made me smile. It did well to last so long. #project366

  7. Love all your crafty creations. Hope you've sorted out the mask situation at work. RIP Ping !

  8. Well done on your Facebook wins! Such a nice boost and it means you get some treat post!
    Sounds like you have had a busy week and the audiobooks sound fab, I've never listened to one but now maybe the time to start! Gosh you were awake early for that sunset, but totally worth it as it's a gorgeous capture! Sim x #Project366

  9. The old tree among the rocks is amazing. Well done on your wins! The sunset is beautiful. I never owned a microwave apart from three years when we lived in the States, and it came with the rented accommodation. Love your dolls and other arty projects. Hope the mask situation is solved at work for you.

  10. I love all your 'makes' don't worry you won't bore me. Fingers crossed the mask situation gets sorted out soon so you can go back to work. Love the hugs

  11. I love all your knitted items. They are amazing. The sunset is gorgeous and well done on your wins. I've not really listened to audio books much. I hope they can solve your mask issue soon x

  12. Well done on the wins.

    Those trees growing on the rocks look fascinating and I love that sunset picture. Great capture.

    I can't seem to get into audiobooks

  13. True, the roots of the trees are as fascinating as the tree itself. Diamond art painting? RIP Ping. So true, I have such weird dreams like this too,about people I know from different cities and time together in the same place and time whereas they don't know each other in real life.
    Congrats on winning the competitions. Oohh that is diamond painting! Love your work

  14. I love all your makes at the end they are always so colourful. I have a diamond picture on order but it was ordered as we went into lockdown so I am wondering if it will ever turn up to be honest. Hope the new masks work for you okay? well done on the facebook wins.

  15. Well done on the competition wins, we have yet to see any caterpillars. The kids want to find them and watch them grow and transdorm

  16. I haven't tried diamond painting yet as I'm worried about trying to store it with the kids around (maybe will wait until they are all back at school in September...) #project366

  17. Your dolls are amazing. That tree at the top of this post looks like it's out of Lord Of the Rings...


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