Saturday, 2 May 2020

Project 366 week 18

Have to say my mood has been low this week due to circumstances beyond my control. On the plus side I have won two competitions, no prizes yet but maybe sometime soon. Also got a much appreciated gift from a fellow blogger.

Hubby has spent much of the week in the garden again. The potatoes and peas are coming up and the pots are all looking great.


Working as per normal. Home for a shower had a sleep, had my tea and then went for a walk just before sunset.

the moon through the trees 


Caught up with the housework as hubby has been in the garden most of the weekend. Washing is out on the line, dishwasher on and the facetimed DD2 and the girls. Meant to catch up with them last week, but last week seemed to disappear far to quick.
Started another rainbow jelly baby, some time on the bike and a walk with the dog.

Ziggy and Roo


Went and did some shopping for DD1 and walked the dog while we were out. Started on Bob's diamond painting he got last year and was struggling to do it himself, at least this way it gets done.
More knitting, adapted the pattern on the rainbow jelly baby again.
Got a phone call to say one of the electric bikes has been handed back if I want it, but the criteria for them going out is for commuting as a lot of public transport round here has been cut back. Sadly I would use it for pleasure but not commuting so I had to be honest and say no. Did not think it was fair to take it as much as I wanted it.

barely any water in the river, usually the water spans right across to the wall 


Barely slept all night, way to much going on in my head, was up before 5am watching tv and cycling.
Started knitting a wee surprise to post to a friend as I am posting her some pieces of crochet as well. Sending a little kindness. This is the next adaptation of the rainbow dolls, moved the writing further down. Much more visible. Also added him a bow tie. Next one will get the date a bit closer. The ones I have knitted so far are away to my SIL.

much more readable and looking smart in his tie  


Bob broke his glasses so they needed running to the optician to be sorted. Walked the dog along the river while we were there. Amazing how much greener everything looks, how much the leaves have come out on the trees and the wild flowers have all become much more vibrant after yesterdays rain.
Nipped to Asda while we were out and did some knitting in the evening.

power washing the slabs, buns and the wall. He drilled holes at the bottom of the wall to allow the water to run away 


Yaahhh a whole day at home, apart from walking the dog via the post office, which was shut, then down to a friends house to pick up some free range eggs from her chickens, I did not go anywhere. Knitted another monster did some housework and not much else.

I never knit two the same. so this one has hands and feet. 


Another month is over -total mileage to April 30th was 630.76, that is up by 165 this month.Slightly down on last months 171 miles.

the green is this months mileage.

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  1. Sounds like a calmer week. Love the knitted dolls - very cute and great to keep as a historical reminder. xxx

  2. So sorry you have been feeling low. Sending hugs!
    That photo of the moon through the trees really is pretty.
    That is a shame about not getting the bike but you did the right thing by being honest.
    Those dolls you are knitting are so cute. x

  3. Sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit low this week. Hope you feel better soon.
    I love all of your knitted dolls and monsters. The photo with the moon is beautiful. What a shame you couldn't have the bike, but you definitely did the right thing.

  4. You're so clever making up the knitted dolls, and love the monsters. Shame about the ebike, but hopefully someone who'll use it for a commute will get it. Well done on the walking, you'll have finished by mid year!

  5. You are doing so well with your walking, well done!! Hope you are feeling better this week, the mood certainly seems to have dipped here too

  6. It's kind of you to send your friend something in the post am sure it will make them feel happy! I have sent my mum a surprise this week, can't wait for it to arrive! x

  7. Sorry to hear you have been feeling low this week. Hope next week is better.

    The monsters are cool!

    Good on you being honest re the bike and saying no.

  8. Sorry to hear that you had a low week and hope that this week has been a better one. I love your NHS rainbow jellybaby doll and the knitted monsters. Well done on the mileage for April - you are well on track to do the 1000 miles for the year. #project366

  9. Awwww nice to get gifts. The kids look so adorable! I think its good that you handed the bike back as someone else may have needed it for commuting. I LOVE YOUR KNITTING! THE MONSTERS ARE SO CUTE! Good luck on the miles!

  10. I'm impressed with the miles you manage to walk, shame about the electric bike. The knitted monsters are sooooo cute and I love the NHS dolls.

  11. Love the little monsters! Hope you feel a sense of achievement and focus on what you can do to help lift your mood #project366

  12. I hope you feel more positive soon - I'm sure you'll bounce back because you always seem to keep going. Well done on the wins. What a shame about the bike! At least you are getting the walking done.

  13. Sad news about the bike, but hopefully another one will come up for you, soon. I love all your knitting. #project365 (sorry it's late)

  14. Sending lots of love and hugs. I hope things improve soon and I am here if you need someone. I love your knitting and those monsters are awesome. You have got this and well done walking xxx


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